Himushi is a mercenary ninja and the leader of the Nokizaru Group.


Himushi and the Nokizaru were hired by the Sugi Village To hunt down the Fourth Raikage and his men after they stole a scroll detailing their employer's hidden techniques. While on their tail, the Nokizaru unleashed a blinding light which dispersed microscopic Exploding Insects which the Kumogakure shinobi inhaled. After killing Nigai with this method, A escaped with his ill subordinate.

Tracking them down, Himushi spied on A and Tsunade and prepared a plan to retrieve the scroll by unleashing more exploding insects and offering the cure in return for it. The result of this plan is unknown as Himushi and his team fled when backup from Kumo arrived.

Mission: They were hired to get that Scroll back unDamaged.


Himushi appears very devious and cunning, knowing the risks and benefits to his own techniques and tactics on how to use them effectively. He is also very cautious, opting to wait until the exploding insect had matured and then, once it had erupted, dispose of any survivors.


Himushi has shaggy, shoulder-length white hair, hark eyes and purple markings framing his face. He wears a red and black bandana and a kimono shirt: half of which has the same red and black pattern of the bandanna and the other half is solid red in colour. Along with this he wears a pair of black pant, sandals and a sash that resembles a monkey's tail.


Himushi is an insect user, effectively using them to spy on his targets and defeat them from within by turning their own chakra into fuel for his exploding insects.


Exploding Bug: The user blinds the enemy with a smokescreen to scatter larvae that if inhaled, will grow inside their bodies into a spider-like parasite that explodes, killing the host. The insect's growth depends on how much chakra the host is using and a massive amount of chakra can speed up the growth process. The insect can however be removed by the means of surgery, though it is difficult, as one mistake could cause the insect to explode. The Nokizaru Group, notable users of this technique, regularly taunts their victims into attacking after being exposed, thereby accelerating the process.

Insect Spying Technique: By linking themselves to an insect, they are able to see and hear what it experiences, providing a long-range and relatively safe and inconspicuous way to gather intel. The user is also able to tell when the bug had been killed.


  • "Himushi" (蛾) literally means "moth".
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