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Real Identity: Hippolyta

Affiliations: Amazons

Appearances: Luthor in Paradise

Powers/Skills: Immortality, Enhanced Physical Attributes, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat

Voiced By: Julianne Grossman 

Hippolyta is the queen of the Amazons and mother of Wonder Woman. At one point in time, Hera tasked Hippolyta with keeping the Oculus of the Argo safe. She hid it in the Fallen Realm. In the present, Lex Luthor breached her throne room and knocked out her guards then asked for her staff. She refused and blasted him. He counterattacked and shot a column loose that fell on her. Wonder Woman suddenly appeared and saved her. Circe, Luthor's new ally, blasted Wonder Woman from behind. Hippolyta was shocked to discover Circe was working with a man. Circe trapped Wonder Woman in the Hands of Hercules. Luthor once more asked for the staff. Hippolyta stated she would happily give her life and every Amazons' before she let them have it. She resumed fighting Luthor and flipped him but Circe blasted her from behind. Circe formed a portal to the Fallen Realm with the staff and entered it with Luthor. Superman and Batman soon arrived in search of Luthor. Hippolyta was shocked to see Wonder Woman was working with two men.

Wonder Woman insisted they were her sidekicks. Superman approached Hippolyta and apologized for the intrusion, citing their purpose. Hippolyta informed them the villains went to the Fallen Realm in search of the Oculus of the Argo. Batman asked Hippolyta if she could get them to the realm without her staff. Hippolyta told Wonder Woman to tell her "sidekicks" never to address her directly again... and to fight like the gods of war. She performed a ceremony that ended with her pounding a gong and yelling "Anoikto!" A portal was opened long enough for the three heroes to pass through. They later returned with Circe, Luthor, and the staff. Hippolyta praised Hera. Wonder Woman returned the staff to her. She refused Circe's request to loosen her bonds and informed the witch she was headed to the Pits of Tartarus. At Wonder Woman's insistence, Hippolyta addressed Superman and Batman by name and offered the Amazons' most sincere thanks for saving Themyscira and their Amazonian way of life. Then without pause, told them to leave the island before her elite guards speared them.