Frost Fight! (125)

Humberto Lopez grew up with renowned paleontologists parents who taught him about dinosaurs, he accompanied his parents on archaeological digs, living in tents with them when uncovering fossils. His parents couldn't afford that many toys for him. One year Humberto lost his favorite T-Rex toy, worried to tell his parents, he wrote to Santa asking for a new one, next morning he wakes up to find his filled with toy dinos everywhere which he and his parents spent all day playing with. One of their digs, Humberto discovered the Fossilized Amulet would grant him his abilities.

Now with the code-named Reptil, he is a member of the Avengers Academy who is partnered with the adult Avengers during a "ride-along" program.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Reptil's powers were activated by the Fossilized Amulet, which was discovered by his parents.[1] The jewel was magically created by the Hag of the Pits to imbue Reptil with the strength of the prehistoric animals he will one day have to protect.[7][19] His powers were later augmented with Pym Particles.[34]His powers include:

  • Prehistoric Animal Metamorphosis: Originally, Reptil could only transform certain parts of his body into different aspects of dinosaurs such as wings of a pterodactyl, the tail of a stegosaurus, the head of a parasaur, the legs of a velociraptor, etc. While inhabited by his future self, he showed he was also able to turn into prehistoric insects. And he could also only maintain one transformation at a time.[1] These transformations could even be limited to enhancing senses such as vision, hearing, and olfactory senses.[6][7][18] Eventually Reptil was able to fully transform into a complete dinosaur though due to the conservation of mass, Reptil could not alter his size.[7] As his powers progressed, Reptil discovered his transformations were not limited to dinosaurs, but that he could transform into any prehistoric animal[35][19] or insect.[36][18]
  • Empathic Prehistoric Animal Connection: Reptil can sense the presence and emotions of dinosaurs. However, he cannot exert control over them.[1]
  • Size Alteration: Reptil's powers were eventually augmented with Pym Particles allowing him to increase his size and transform into full-sized dinosaur[7][34] and also shrink down into smaller animals.[36][18][37]
  • Accelerated Healing: After being electrocuted by Electro, Reptil discovered the he heals much faster when in his dinosaur forms.[36]
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