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Hush Middy (ハッシュ・ミディ Hasshu Midi?) is a supporting character in the second season of Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS. He initially co-pilots a Mobile Worker as a gunner before becoming a mobile suit pilot. He piloted the STH-16 Shiden, then switched to the STH-20 Hekija.

Personality & Character

Hush was a quiet individual. Focused on getting stronger to live up to a deceased friend's memory, he sought to surpass Mikazuki Augus in strength. After Mikazuki first saved his life, Hush became more driven than ever to become stronger. He was intuitive and shown to be honest when it comes to his own strengths and shortcomings. He admitted that if he doesn't kill the enemy, then they will kill him, emulating Mikazuki's simplistic opinion of his opponents. Though initially struggling to understand the senior Tekkadan members and their mindset, he would eventually adopt it for his own, to keep fighting with nowhere else to return to.

Skills & Abilities

Hush was first trained as a gunner for one of Tekkadan's newer Mobile Workers. Though he completed the simulations and tuned his Shiden, he was easily overcome by mercenary forces on Earth. Since then he has trained relentlessly, capable of holding his own in a one-on-one spar against Chad, who had the advantage with both experience and Alaya-Vijnana.

Since receiving a Hekija, Hush's combat ability has grown, being capable of taking on multiple opponents at once when in space, though he struggled briefly against Human Debris pilots until reinforcements arrived. His effectiveness under gravity was lessened as the Hekija's ground combat data was insufficient, but he was still able to defeat multiple opponents until his death.



Mikazuki Augus

At first, Hush disliked Mikazuki because of the latter's apparent laziness and survival of the Alaya-Vijnana surgery (a close friend of Hush had committed suicide after a single failed Alaya-Vijnana surgery). He began to respect Mikazuki after witnessing his piloting skills during the battle with Dawn Horizon, and later asked him if he too could be a pilot, if only to surpass him in strength. After Mikazuki saved his life on Earth, Hush realized he could not match up to Mikazuki and decided to study under him. He would then spend most of his time outside of combat assisting and supporting a crippled Mikazuki, eager to learn all that he can from him. Starting with the assault on JPT Trust, Hush fought the enemy with all his strength, gaining Mikazuki's tacit approval in the process. When Hush was fatally injured in Gjallarhorn's attack on the Mars HQ, he urged Mikazuki to leave him and keep going to the end, smiling when Mikazuki acknowledged him.

Notes & Trivia

  • Since his first reveal before his English name was shown, some fans mistook him as Argi Mirage.