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Ibraha (イブラハ, Iburaha) was one of the leaders of the Protectors of the Islamic Front alongside Masahiro Takenaka. His appearance differs from the Manga and the Anime. There is evidence that he had a family and their death is the reason he joined the Protectors of the Islamic Front. He is shot by Masahiro after he refuses to order their comrades to retreat, as continuing on would've gotten them killed by Revy and Shenhua, even though Masahiro later expresses regret over his decision.

In 1985, Ibraha's infant son was killed during the Beirut conflict, possibly by Israeli soldiers. As a result, he hold a deep-seated hatred, not only for Israel, but Israel's allies, which includes the United States. This hatred also caused him to be impatient, erratic, and very short-sighted in nature in contrast to Takenaka, as he appeared willing to sacrifice the lives of his own comrades in order to achieve his goals and does not think of how his actions will affect them.

He and the P.I.F. were prepared to execute an assassination of the U.S. President when the plans of the attack came into the possession of Chang and the Hong Kong Triad. He formulated a plan in which five teams with five identical cases were to make for the U.S. Army base at Basilan in the Philippines. But four of the cases were dummies, with the Lagoon Companycarrying the actual plans.