Stan brings President Garfield back to life in "Garfield and Friends" in a CIA Regenesis Lab to teach Hayley about history after she sleepwalks her way through a visit to the James Garfield Historical Museum. But when Garfield and Hayley ditch his boring tour to see a film and becomes obsessed with orange soda, Stan decides to return Garfield to his raw protein state in a goo vat in the lab. However, Garfield tricks him with a shaken can of orange soda and escapes to the SodaCorp. orange soda factory.

Hayley brings back a clone of Garfield's assassin, Charles J. Guiteau, to track them down from a toenail that was given on the museum tour. Stan catches up with Garfield as Hayley arrives, leaving Stan impressed that she remembered that detail. Charles leaps after Garfield from an upper railing, falling to his death and leaving Hayley barely hanging on to the railing to avoid the same fate. As she slips, Stan lunges to save her, successful, but breaking her arm in the process. Stan confesses that he cares more about her than the presidents, leaving Garfield to indulge himself with a tank of orange soda.

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