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Jimmy Neutron is a highly intelligent boy who uses scientific knowledge and inventions to solve issues he is confronted by (most of which he causes himself). He is the son of Hugh and Judy Neutron. His best friends are Carl Wheezer and Sheen Estevez. Cindy Vortex is his most important rival, but he secretly feels attracted to her. Jimmy is usually seen wearing a red shirt with an atom on it, blue jeans, and white shoes, sometimes blue shorts and brown shoes. However, in scenes where he's going to bed, in bed, or getting out of bed, he is barefoot and shirtless, wearing nothing but red and orange plaid boxers.While having a sleepover in Carl Weezer's house, he wears a white shirt with a yellow atom on it just like his red shirt. He has blue eyes and brown hair that is considered "anti-gravity" and is in a whipped-up form, earning him many nicknames from classmates (especially Cindy), "Whippy-Dip" from his clone Evil Jimmy, and such as (from Cosmo in The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour) "Señor Fudge-Head".

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