Green Lantern (real name ​John Stewart) is a minor character in Teen Titans Go!. His powers come from a mystical green ring on his finger that make him fly and create items to use against villains.

As far as Teen Titans Go!, Green Lantern makes a guest debut in "Real Boy Adventures" during the concert.


While Batman is performing a guitar solo to the crowd (assembled for a concert about Fleshy Guy being a real boy), Green Lantern can be seen pumping his fist to the music, along with other iconic DC Comics characters, such as Nite OwlThe Joker, The Riddler, and others.


Wearing a dark black jumpsuit, Green Lantern has a lot of upper-body strength. The color and wrists of his suit are colored a vibrant green, and on his hand is the infamous lantern ring. He is bald, and looks very serious/intense with his black moustache and beard.


Season 2

Real Boy Adventures (debut)

Season 3

Two Parter (costume worn by Cyborg, seen in tank)


Prank'd! (heard, but not seen)


  • Green Lantern also appeared in Young Justice, and was voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson and Phil LaMarr in Justice League/Justice League Unlimited.
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