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Jonathan Test is the main protagonist, who is the troublesome, narcissistic 12 year old boy also known for his love of anything he considers awesome. He's the only son of Hugh and Lila and brother of 15 year old Susan and Mary (who had brown hair in the 2004 pilot) .Because he has Susan and Mary by his side, he can live any kid's dream, only to find that some dreams aren't worth living. He is usually seen with his partner-in-crime and best friend Dukey, his genetically altered dog. He also gives Johnny Coupons to his sisters for helping him in his daily problems. When redeemed, he does their tests for free. Johnny is often the cause of some problems in Porkbelly.


"Whoa, didn't see that coming...'"

—Johnny's main catchphrase

Super Powers

  • Shape-Shifting
  • Super Strength
  • Hurricane Hands
  • Power Poots (signature attack)
  • Teleportation
  • Super-Smarts (only in "Johnny "X: The Final Ending")
  • Lava Boogers
  • Flying (sometimes)


  • Johnny is similar to Bart Simpson from The Simpsons.
  • He hates cheese, bathing, petting zoo, valentine's day, reading, cats and his dad's meatloaf.
  • He easily absorbs to shiny objects.
  • He`s known as the shortest boy in his middle school.
  • His favorite video games are Tinymon (a parody of the Pokemon Series) and Smash Badger (a parody of Crash Bandicoot).
  • He likes watching monster trucks and hockey games.
  • Speed McCool, pirate, monster and spy movies are his favorite themes.
  • His favorite foods and drinks are tacos, spaghetti, red gush and mint chip ice cream.
  • He`s talented at sweeping, just like his father, which made him a great Curling player and got a scholarship for it. (in A Scholarship for Johnny)
  • Johnny has Spanish, British, Scottish, Japanese, Viking, French, Texans and Canadian Bloodlines. (Who's Johnny?)
  • He`s horrible at dancing, roller skating, being fancy, hitting pinatas, dodgeball and basketball.
  • Johnny has been breaking one of the world records by trying to get in the book of records for 23 times in a day.
  • Once, because of him beating the record of being a living pinball, he had a crazy fan (Jeffy) that stalked him everywhere he went. He soon got rid of him by making him Dark Vegan`s fan instead.
  • Johnny`s favorite weapon that his sisters invented it is a giant purple bazooka.
  • He temporarily became the hall monitor in his school on Stop in the Name of Johnny.