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TV Tropes Trivia

During the Joker's song in "Emperor Joker", Joker destroys everything else in the universe

Pretty simple. We see the sun go supernova causing everything to go white. It's possible - Bat-Mite and Mister Mxyzptlk have destroyed multiple universes - which would also mean that the only thing left in the universe is the Card Room that comes in right after everything goes white. I personally like this theory because it speaks to the true horror of high-powered reality warpers. The good news is that Bat-Mite puts the universe back together after he gets his powers back.

  • Thats EXACTLY what I thought when I saw that. And that maked whole song/episode so much better to me.
  • Indeed, when they aired the episode in Austraila, THEY CUT THE SONG. Without it, it looks like Joker does nothing with his powers.