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Jonathan Carnahan (John Hannah) is Evelyn's older brother. He is a thief of considerable skill with some knowledge in reading ancient Egyptian but is not very athletic. He is the source of comic relief in the film, through his desire for treasure and irrepressible demeanor. He's less adept at fighting, navigating and negotiating than Rick, thus is often left behind. He has some skills in marksmanship, often holding his own against mummies when armed with a gun. He has a slight distrust and disapproval of Americans and their wild attitude. Jonathan is also the only person in the crew that was saved from a flesh-eating scarab beetle, after Rick removes it from his arm with his pocket knife. He is also the one who finds the Egyptian key with the map to Hamunaptura hidden inside. During the final battle, he takes control of Imhotep's guards and uses them to kill Anck-su-namun.


  1. Ardeth Bay