The Virtual dueling computer Yugi defeated at the start of the KC Grand Championship. Since it is a computer designed by KaibaCorp, its Deck features cards from Kaiba's card database. It had 5 levels with varying Decks. Zigfried von Schroeder briefly hacked into the computer, trapping them and forcing them to duel. Yugi dueled with Rick's Deck. In its duel with Yugi it relied on a beatdown strategy with monsters like "Berserk Gorilla" and "Airknight Parshath", while depleting Yugi's hand with "Robbin' Goblin". Yugi countered its strategy using "Heart of the Underdog" a card he actually gave to Rick at the beginning of the previous episode and "Spirit Ryu" which gains more attack points depending on the number of dragons discarded to the Graveyard in the turn it was Summoned. In the end Yugi defeats the DuelTek and frees his friends.


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