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By reflecting his Rinne Sharingan on the moon, Madara Activates the Infinite Tsukuyomi. The bright light interrupts the ongoing fight between Tobi and the Allied Shinobi Forces and traps every living being on the planet into the irresistible genjutsu. The only exception are Team 7, protected by Sasuke's Susanoo, and the reincarnated Hokage. The trapped shinobi on the battlefield get caught in the roots of the God Tree one by one, despite the interventions by Hiruzen. Tobi, deeming his host not needed any more, releases a traumatised Yamato, who is approached by the Third Hokage before being trapped in the genjutsu as well. He envisions himself becoming the new leader of Team 7 and considers it the place he belongs to, unaware of it being merely a dream. Meanwhile, Minato awakes in Konohagakure, witnessing to his horror that all the citizens were caught by the roots as well.


  • In the preview of this episode, Kaguya is depicted in the sky normally, while in this episode, she appears transparent.
  • In the manga, Naruto had only six Truth-Seeking Balls left to turn into Tailed Beast Ball Rasenshuriken. In the anime, he had seven.
  • Kabuto is mistakenly depicted with his right horn intact.
  • In the manga, Yamato was already caught by the Infinite Tsukuyomi as Tobi released him, while in the anime, Yamato was able to have a brief talk with the Third Hokage before falling into the Infinite Tsukuyomi.
  • In the manga, Minato is erroneously depicted with six Truth-Seeking Balls on his coat, but is corrected to five balls in this episode.
  • Hiruzen somehow knew about Yamato's codename, despite having died before he was given the codename "Yamato".