Kal Kent


Kal Kent is the Superman of 84th century and was born on Earth. He is a member of the Superman Squad and helps protect the structure of the space-time continuum. Due to other alien and extradimensional ancestors in the Superman Dynasty bloodline, he developed the additional powers of enhanced ESP, Force Vision, Telepathy, Electromagnetic Manipulation, and an additional 10 senses. He also is immune to the weaknesses that plagued the original Superman. It is said Kal Kent is faster than a speeding Tachyon, more powerful than a collapsing star, and able to leap between planets in a single bound.

In the 21st century, Superman presented Lois Lane with a tour of the Fortress of Solitude. On one stop, he demonstrated the Time Telescope and received a message from Kal Kent. He warned Superman of a plot by Darkseid but the message was cryptic at best. Lois Lane commented Kent looked a little like her father, General Lane.

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