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According to Hindu philosophy, the world goes through a cycle of four stages or yuga which culminates in the destruction and recreation of Earth. In each stage, the consciousness of mankind undergoes a significant change. In the Fourth Age of Man, or Kali Yuga, it is believed that Chaos overcomes Order. Humankind is at its weakest spiritually and is far removed from God. In terms of morality, a bull is its symbol. Rulers are unjust and people give in to all sins such as lust and greed. In Kali Yuga, morality is imagined as a bull with one leg.

The demon Kali rules over this age. It is said that at the end of this yuga, Kali will do battle with its nemesis Kalki and the world will end in fire, destroying all evil and starting a new age. The Kobra Cult's ultimate goal is to usher in the Kali Yuga. Lord Naga, their leader, was about to complete a ritual sacrifice to bring on the yuga. The sacrifice would reinact the "Transformation of Kali into a Serpent" from the Sanskrit epic, Mahabharata. A giant stone statue of a cobra was animated but needed to feed before gaining full power on Earth. It attempted to eat Batman but Black Lightning and Geo-Force destroyed it in its weak state.

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