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The Kami of the Previous Generaton is Kami's predecessor as the Guardian of Earth. He is first shown in a flashback in Dragon Ball, he is later mentioned when Mr. Popo tells Bulma about the Nameless Namek's spaceship, and he appears as a ghost in the episode "Battle in Kami's Lookout".


The Nameless Namekian and Garlic were his apprentices until he chose the Nameless Namek as his successor. This angered Garlic, who then decided to start a war against the guardian and his successor. The guardian and his apprentice eventually defeat Garlic's demons and cast Garlic into a Dark Crystal.

After this, the guardian sensed that the end of his life was approaching, but still did not give his place to the Nameless Namek because of the evil in the Nameless Namek's heart. When the Nameless Namek split into Kami and King Piccolo, Kami eventually becomes the new Guardian of Earth, and his predecessor died sometime after relinquishing his title.

Garlic Jr. Saga

In the Garlic Jr. Saga, when Kami and Mr. Popo are trying to spread Sacred Water throughout the entire world using the Seven Air Currents located inside Kami's Lookout, Kami's predecessor attacks them because the place is sacred and they are not supposed to go there. In the guardian's graveyard, he and the precedent guardians try to kill Kami. Kami and Mr. Popo tell him they wish to pour the Sacred Water at the bottom of Kami's Lookout in order to cure the Earthlings from the effects of Garlic Jr.'s Black Water Mist. In the end, he lets Kami and Mr. Popo go and pour the water.

Techniques and special abilities

  • Godly Ki Sense - As Guardian of Earth, while not possessing godly ki himself, he can sense the godly ki of other deities.
  • Electric Shock (Dengeki)[1] – The former guardian uses lightning on Kami in the guardian's graveyard during the Garlic Jr. Saga.
  • Hole – The former guardian makes energy spheres to appear where he wants to create holes and the energy sphere creates a hole before disappearing.
  • Body Manipulation – Used as a ghost to wrap Kami in order to prevent him from escaping.
  • Soul Removal - The previous Kami was capable of removing someone's soul, which he did to Kami in anger at him entering the sacred Divine Sage Realm.
  • Soul Returning - The previous Kami can return a soul he has stolen, he did so with the current Kami after seemingly forgiving him.


  • In the Japanese version, he didn't speak. In the FUNimation dub, he was given lines.