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Kamikaze (カミカゼ, Kamikaze)[3], also known by his hero alias Atomic Samurai (アトミック侍, Atomikku Zamurai), is the S-Class Rank 4 professional hero for the Hero Association.


Atomic Samurai has long black hair tied in a topknot with dark eyes and a prominent jawline. He has a small goatee and is usually seen chewing on a blade of grass. His attire consists of a hooded red cloak with an atom symbol on the back that's draped over his open black haori. Beneath the haori is a traditional, loose-fitting white robe tied with a white sash and two haori himos. He also sports a pair of swords in his waist tied on his left hip.


Atomic Samurai has a rather prideful personality, seen when he refused to shake Saitama's hand telling him that he only acknowledges the strong and saying that he would greet him only if he makes it to the higher ranks of S-Class indicated that he quite bias in term of perceive a person since he only looks at Saitama's appearance and rank not his inner power. He also appears to dislike being called old. Despite his prideful nature, he behaves humbly to those he respects. This is seen with Bang, a fellow hero whom he holds the utmost respect for, and also his fellow Master Swordsmen.