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Kanan Jarrus, born Caleb Dume, was a Force-sensitive human male Jedi Padawan who survived Order 66. Going into hiding, he forsook the Jedi ways for some time, swapping his blue-bladedlightsaber for a blaster.

Eventually, Jarrus would wind up as a freighter pilot for the corporation Moonglow Polychemical in the Gorse system, piloting Moonglow-72. After getting caught up with a ragtag rebellious group consisting of Twi'lek pilot, Hera Syndulla, the conspiracy theorist Skelly, and the Sullustan shift leader Zaluna Myder, Kanan helped prevent the Imperial Count Denetrius Vidian from destroying Cynda. During the conflict, Jarrus made the decision to accompany Syndulla on her VCX-100 light freighter, the Ghost—which he eventually would command alongside her.

While cocky and often sarcastic, Jarrus was eager to help out and fight the Galactic Empire. Five years before the Battle of Yavin, Jarrus met Ezra Bridger, a fourteen-year-old Force-sensitive Human, whom he decided to mentor.

Behind the Scenes

Kanan Jarrus was first revealed as a character from the forthcoming animated series Star Wars Rebels at the January 2014 Nuremberg International Toy Fair, where Jarrus was included on the packaging of the LEGO Star Wars Rebels Ghost model. However, the packaging merely represented Jarrus's LEGO mini-figure as a silhouetted form holding a blue-bladed lightsaber.

On February 11, 2014, Lucasfilm began a promotional campaign to introduce the characters of Star Wars Rebels, starting with Kanan Jarrus. USA Today ran an online story featuring an exclusive first look at Jarrus's character and announcing that he would be voiced by actor Freddie Prinze Jr. The story included a Lucasfilm production video revealing the character's full design.

Non-canon history

Kanan Jarrus appears in Angry Birds Star Wars II. He was co-piloting the Ghost when Sabine Wren and Hera Syndulla rescued the orphan Ezra Bridger and escaped from Agent Kallus.

In the LEGO Star Wars Rebels Movie Shorts, Jarrus, Orellios, Syndulla, and were drinking in the Mos Eisley Cantina when Ezra Bridger called for a rescue. They went to the Ghost and rescued the young orphan from thePhantom. Bridger then suggested they charge the Star Destroyer's bridge and hide behind it, and eventually the warship jumped to Hyperspace.At another time, the Ghost was damaged by a Star Destroyer, forcing it to go to a space station for repairs. Jarrus and Orrelios left in escape pods and made it to a planet. Bridger rescued them and took them to the station in time to finish repairs to their starship and flee from Imperials.


Kanan Jarrus, known as Caleb Dume at the time, was born on Coruscant and spent his early life training to become a Jedi Knight under the provisional tutelage of Master Obi-Wan Kenobi during the Clone Wars. At this time, his potential with the Force was noticed by another Jedi Master, Depa Billaba, whose connection with him awoke her from a coma that she was put in by Separatist droid leader General Grievous and, after saving him from an attack on the Jedi Temple made by Separatist captain Rackham Sear, took the young Kanan on as her own Padawan.

Order 66 

By the end of the war, Kanan and his master took part in the Battle of Kaller, leading the Clone Army of theGalactic Republic into taking back the planet from Separatist forces led by General Kleeve, whose departure would mean the end of the battle and system's surrender to the Republic. Though their meeting with Kalleranleader Gamut Key was marked by a discussion Kanan and two of his master's clone commanders, Grey andStyles, had with Kalleran scoundrel Janus Kasmir, who expressed little grtitude for the Jedi, prompting Billaba to silence her Padawan and clones as they moved to rest in the fields under the stars. While alone, Billaba told Kanan she had been neglecting his training and practiced with him Form III until nighttime. Since Kanan's heart was at peace as he found his place in the galaxy, his master told him not to get too attached with life and lean to rule his emotions as they joined their clone troopers at a bonfire. Though teased about his inquisitive nature, Billaba gave him a holocron so tat Kanan could study the role of questions and peaceful dissent in the Order.

Their relationship as Master and Apprentice sufficed to an end at that moment when Grey and Styles receivedOrder 66, which branded all Jedi as traitors to the Republic, from Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine, secretly the Sith Lord Darth Sidious. As they felt the slaughter of other Jedi across the galaxy throughout the Force, Kanan and his master were confronted by the once-friendly clones and became aware of the disadvantage. Kanan, only fourteen years old at the time, would forever be haunted by Billaba's last words to him, telling her Padawan to run from the clones as she held them back, apparently getting herself killed by Grey's blaster fire. The Padawan evaded the battalion all night before taking a transport to Plateau City by sunrise. As Kanan avoided the clone patrols searching for him there for several days, he couldn't sleep out of fear of getting caught in one spot to long and was forced to search the dumpsters for food due to not having any credit.

Working With Kasmir 

Kanan, however, was discovered by Kasmir, who tossed him a meiloorun and was about to walk away when the Jedi begged for some shelter. The scoundrel let him borrow a spare bunk on his ship, the Kasmiri, then gave Kanan some new clothes so that he won't go running around in Jedi robes. Though Kanan was wondering what to do, Kasmir told him to lie, cheat and steal in order to survive, but the Jedi received n emergency signal recalling him back to the Temple and asked the Kalleran to fly him back to Coruscant, unaware that the signal was a trap set by Sidious. Kasmir refused and told him to finish his meal and leave his ship afterwards. When Kasmir walked outside though, Kanan took the chance to steal the Kasmiri and jump into hyperspace to Coruscant himself. Meanwhile, with the Jedi Order out of the way, Sidious and his new apprentice, Darth Vader, started reorganizing the Republic into the first Galactic Empire with Sidious as its tyrannical Emperor and Vader as its supreme military commander, sending their Inquisitors to hunt down any remaining Jedi. Directed by the message sent by Kenobi to the other surviving Jedi in question, Kanan returned to Kaller, where he was confronted Kasmir upon landing. Though Kasmir wanted nothing to do with the Jedi, Kanan followed him around and watched him from afar for some time until he rescued the scoundrel from the smuggler Tapusk and his colleagues, who thus ran away. Having Kanan take their, Kasmir convinced to abandon his Jedi apparel. Kanan did so by cutting of his Padawan braid, destroyed his comlink after uploading Kenobi's message, locked his lightsaber and holocron away and acquired a blaster after realizing that he needed a new name before accompanying Kasmir to steal IG-RM thug droids to sell on the black market.

Unfortunately, the pair were caught up by Key's guards, and Kasmir betrayed Kanan in exchange for the droids. Imprisoned in a cell, Kanan overheard Key contacting Grey and Styles to inform them of his capture, but the former Padawan was rescued by Kasmir and one of the droids, and all three escaped off-planet aboard theKasmiri to form a partnership. Together, the pulled off many jobs in which Kanan learned how to be a thief and smuggler. Eventually, they flew over to Lahn to meet up with Kasmir's trading partner Jondo, who Kanan surprisingly recognized as Kleev. At first, Kanan threatened to kill him but stood down when he excepted that the Clone Wars was truly over. As the two were forced to leave Kasmir behind when he was captured by Styles and Grey, Kleeve agree to take Kanan to his ship, the Escape, where they found themselves captured as well. Grey and Styles dragged the unconscious Kanan aboard their Gozanti-class cruiser back to Kaller deciding what to do when they executed him. Fortunately, Kanan Force pushed the two clones away and put his trust in the Force one last time to open an airlock. Sucked into space, he was rescued by Kasmir and Kleeve, whose ships were unable to hold the Imperials for long. At the same time, Grey realized his mistake about executing Order 66 and destroyed his ships controls, thus taking down its shields so that the Kasmiri and Escape could fire at it, destroying the ship and killing Grey, Styles and the other clone troopers inside in the process. Returning to Kaller, Kanan suggested that Kasmir and Kleeve should work together, but when Kasmir realized that the Jedi was protecting himself from another loss, Kanan hit him to make his point come across. Taking his lightsaber and holocron with him aboard the escape, he bade the Kalleran farewell as the former Padawan departed for Moraga, where finally gave himself his new name.

Forced to hide his Force-sensitivity, Kanan kept his Jedi belongings away and forsook the Jedi ways for a long time, disguising himself as freighter pilot, bounty hunter and frontier ranger. But over time, he found and collected spare lightsaber parts. Eventually, Kanan emigrated to Gorse, where he met Okadiah Garson, who owned a bar called the Asteroid Belt, and helped him break up a brawl there. Through Garson, he got a job for the next seven years as a freighter pilot carrying baradium bisulfate for the corporation Moonglow between the planet and its moon, Gorse. Although residing in a flop house next door to the Asteroid Belt for five months, Kanan was later issued a standard Moonglow vessel that he humorously christened the Expedient.

Working for Moonglow 

One day, during a workshift on Cynda for Moonglow manager Lal Grallik, Kanan partnered with a Clone Wars explosive expert veteran named Skelly, but refused to support his theories. Later, after convincing CountDenetrius Vidian to spare Garson's life, he was forced to use the Force to save the life of Thorilide miner Yelkin from an explosion set up by Skelly but was afraid that he might have revealed his true nature. So, he decided to abandon Moonglow and leave the Gorse system, but returned eventually returned to hand Skelly, who was stowing away on the Expedient, over to Lal's Moonglow security chief husband, Gord, who was on his break at Drakka's Diner in Gorse City. During the meeting, Kanan was unexpectedly lured out of the diner by a criminal named Charko, who tried to rob the ex-Padawan three times before and got his horn broken off during the last attempt, and goaded into a fight with the Chragrian's gang, but was saved by a diversion of Sarlaacs caused byHera Syndulla, who disappeared before Kanan could thank her. He met with the Twi'lek shortly later, after his meeting with Imperial surveillance shift leader Zaluna Myder at the Asteroid Belt, where she was revealed by an interrupting Skelly to be investigating Vidian's purpose on Gorse. On Hera's insistence, Kanan agreed to take her to Moonglow in the next workshift, but was unfortunately stopped from trying to find her at a spaceport by a squad of Stormtroopers led by Rae Sloane. Luckily for Kanan, the Imperials left him behind to respond to another of Skelly's bombings, but after seeing them steal Garson's bus he was forced to chase after them. Recovering the bus with the help of Hera and Skelly, Kanan and his new companions found Zaluna locked in its bathrooms then discarded the now-useless vessel in a junkyard.

Following a brief rest, Kanan agreed to guide the other three through town only, hoping not attract Imperial attention and wanting to leave the Gorse system immediatley afterwards. Nevertheless, the Imperial-provoked explosion on Cynda prompted him to take the Expedient and ask Hera to retrieve Garson's team, who were on a workshift at the time, only to discover that they were all killed by Vidian. In an attempt to stop the Count, the formed duo, along with Skelly and Zaluna, headed to Calcoraan Depot, to intercept his transmission to the Emperor. They confronted him private room, and the Count's cybernetics eventually allowed them to uncover most of his plans. At Kanan's suggestion, they delivered the plans to Sloane on her Star Destroyer, theUltimatum, with Kanan claiming to be an undercover agent for the Emperor. Returning to Gorse they tried to delay Cynda's destruction by targeting the TIE/LN starfighters escorting baradium haulers and infiltrating Vidian's ship, the Forager, so that Zaluna could tap into its Trancept systems, sending out a warning to Gorse. Kanan, meanwhile, confronted Vidian and Sloane in the Count's chambers a few minutes before Sloane could order his arrest. However, Vidian's determination forced her to order the destruction of the Forager'stransmission tower. During the Ultimatum's attack, Kanan saved Hera using the Force and revealing his status as a Jedi to her. They, along with Zaluna, escaped the Forager's destruction in one of its escape pods and returned to Gorse, allowing Kanan time to leave a trail during the conflict. After they parted, Kanan bade farewell to Zaluna by lending her the Expedient, and Hera accepted his proposal to become a crew member of her ship, the Ghost.

Dogfight with the Empire

After raiding an Imperial supply depot, the lives of the Ghost's crew were put into jeopardy with four TIE Fighters attacking the ship. After taking a hit, the ship's comms and shields were disabled. Hera then sent her astromech droid Chopper to fix the shields, and moments later the comms between Hera and Kanan were disabled. Hera continued to then send Chopper to fix the connection, while still leaving the shields down during the attack. When Chopper arrived below Kanan's turret he was sent back to Hera to finish fix the shields.

Back in the cockpit, Hera jokingly took Kanan's remark to heart and proceeded to carry out some difficult maneuvers with the Ghost. After evading the Imperial attackers, Hera used the ship's nose turret to take out a TIE Fighter, and thereby reducing Kanan's targets by half. After finishing off the last fighter, the three of them met in the ship's cockpit where Kanan and Hera praised each other for their shooting.

Meeting Ezra Bridger

By the age of 28, Kanan became the de facto leader of a fully formed crew on the Ghost, whose members waged a small rebellion of resistance against the Empire on the Imperial-controlled Outer Rim planet Lothal. Besides Hera and Chopper, other members he recruited into his cause included a former Lasat honor guardsman named Zeb Orrelios, whose people were one of the first species to ever stand up against the Empire in its early days and were mostly massacred as a result, and a teenage Mandalorian explosives artist named Sabine Wren, whose Mandalorian clan was negatively affected by the Empire thus causing her to defect from their Imperial Acadamy on Mandalore to start a failed bounty hunting career.

One day, Kanan led Zeb and Sabine on routine operation to steal Imperial crates in Lothal's Capital City, with Sabine setting off a planted explosive which caused the Imperial's to flee with their cargo until they were ambushed and shot down by Kanan and Zeb. However, before they could hijack the speeders towing the goods, a teenage con-artist street urchin named Ezra Bridger hopped down from the rooftops and hijacked one of the speeders himself, forcing Kanan and Zeb to go after him on the other two speeders and racing him through the streets and out of the city. Kanan ordered Zeb to hold back and get the crates back to the ship while he continued to pursue Ezra. He was able to catch up with him until a TIE Fighter destroyed his speeder.

Kanan regrouped with his fellow rebels aboard the Ghost and helped Ezra escape from four approaching fighters. When Kanan told Hera what happened and about Ezra, she was impressed and suspected that he could be force sensitive since he was able to evade stormtroopers and make it aboard the ship with a crate of blasters using the Force. Kanan however denied that possibility because to him the only reason Ezra survived was because he was there to save him.

Mission to Free Wookie Prisoners

After losing the TIEs, The rebels returned to Lothal and landed near Tarkintown, a refugee camp named after Imperial Outer Rim governor Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin that is home to farmers who's land had been confiscated by the Empire. There, Kanan and Hera delivered the blasters to crime lord Cikatro Vizago, who gave them some Intel on an Imperial Transport Ship transporting Wookiee prisoners to an unknown slave labor camp. The rebels arrived at the Imperial Transport and came aboard posing as bounty hunters delivering an additional Wookiee Prisoner. Kanan and Zeb found their way to the brig with no idea that the whole thing was a trap, but Ezra showed up in time to warn them just before they could blow the cell door open with a squadron ofStormtroopers waiting for them on the other side. The rebels made a run for it and all except Ezra made it back to the ship and escaped.

When Zeb told the crew he ditched Ezra, a vote was held to decide whether to rescue him from the Star Destroyer; Kanan was the deciding vote. Upon their arrival, Kanan, Sabine and Zeb saw that the boy escaped on his own, and they all escaped again leaving behind another one of Sabine's explosive surprises. After hearing what Ezra had learnt about the Wookiee's actual location, the rebels headed for Kessel to rescue them. However, they were ambushed by a Stormtrooper squad led by Agent Kallus and took cover. It was here that Kanan stepped out and deployed his lightsaber, revealing his Jedi identity to Ezra, the Wookiees and the Imperials. Kanan was able to hold of the Imperials by deflecting their blaster fire as everyone hurried into a container. Picked up by the Ghost, the rebels went after Ezra andKitwarr, who were being held at gunpoint by Kallus. When Kanan appeared, Kallus tried to shoot him but he deflected his attack back to him giving Ezra and Kitwarr the chance to jump aboard and escape.

After setting the Wookiees on their way, the Rebels returned Ezra to Lothal, where Kanan offered him a choice to join their crew and be taught in the ways of the force, learn what it truly means to be a Jedi.

Theft of Ion Distrupters

Since the crew of the Ghost were running low on fuel and supplies, the rebels decided to accept another order from Vizago to steal a weapons shipment from the spaceport on Garel before it fell into the Empire's hands. After traveling to Garel on a Star commuter shuttle ST-45 while Hera flew to the planet on the Ghost, Kanan and his rebel companions headed to Bay 7 of the spaceport where they discovered that the cargo shipment were T-7 ion distrupter rifles, which were banned by the Imperial Senate because they were able to instantly kill a living being. This discovery distressed Zeb since these weapons had been used in the brutal Imperial massacre on Lasan. As Kanan, Ezra and Sabine loaded the weapons onto the Ghost and Zeb held the Imperials back, the rebels escaped Garel into hyperspace and unwittingly brought the droid duo C-3PO andR2-D2 along with them. Kanan ordered Sabine to place restraining bolts on them, but unknown to the rebels, the Alderaanian senator Bail Organa, had sent the two droids on a secret mission to prevent the T-7 ion disruptors from falling into Imperial hands.

Chopper's companions then traveled on the Ghost to Lothal with the intention of selling the ion disruptors and the two stowaway droids to Vizago. However, C-3PO, mistaking the rebels for criminals, made an emergency call to Agent Kallus, revealing the rebels' whereabouts. When the Imperials arrived, Vizago fled and spoiled the rebel's transaction. Although Sabine suggested that they also take flight, Kanan refused to let the weapons end up in Imperial hands and ordered them to be destroyed, but she overloaded the disruptors and fire them at the Stormtroopers instead, killing all of them. Meanwhile, Zeb engaged in a one-on-one duel with Kallus, but when the explosion knocked him off balance, Kallus gained the upper hand and prepared to kill the Lasat. Fortunatley, Ezra inadvertently Force pushed Kallus, saving Zeb's life and buying Kanan enough time to help the injured Lasat back onto the Ghostwith the others. As Chopper launched the ship to escape Kallus, Kanan had Zeb owe Ezra his gratitude, then told Ezra that his Jedi training will begin the next day. The rebels then brought the two droids and the disruptors back to their owner, Senator Organa, who paid them the credits that they desperately needed.

The Stygeon Trap

Kanan found it difficult to train Ezra since the falling of the Jedi Order; his training was never completed and knows very little about the ways of the Jedi. He began to feel he was not the right person to teach Ezra and needed someone who was fully trained, someone with more discipline and more understanding of the Force.

When the rebels heard word that Jedi Master Luminara Unduli was alive and imprisoned at a high security Imperial prison known as The Spire on Stygeon Prime, Kanan, knowing she would make a great teacher for Ezra, and the rebels set course for the Stygeon system to rescue her. However upon arrival, Kanan and Ezra found that Luminara was actually dead and that her remains were being used as bait for a trap set up by The Grand Inquisitor, who caught them off guard.

Engaging Kanan in a lightsaber duel, the Pau'an recognized his fighting skills from the teachings of Depa Billaba and began to mock him about how such a poor student he was when he was still a padawan. Kanan and Ezra managed to escape from the Inquisitor and regroup with the others. When they came across a sealed door, Kanan and Ezra together used the force to open it where Stormtroopers were waiting for them on the other side. Hera showed up with the “Fleet” in time to pick them up and escape. Despite the disappointment of not being able to find Luminara alive, Kanan chose to continue training Ezra, even though he is not a fully trained Jedi, he “will” train Ezra as there is no try.

Infiltrating the Imperial Academy Edit

Later, Kanan assigned Ezra to infiltrate the Imperial Academy on Lothal as a cadet in order to steal a decoder containing the location of a powerful kyber crystal. Although it took longer than expected due to the high level of security at the Imperial Academy, Ezra was able to obtain the decoder from Agent Kallus' office and with the assistance of fellow cadet Zare Leonis and gave it to Sabine and Zeb, who were waiting outside for him, so that they could transmit the coordinates of the kyber crystal to Kanan and Hera, who managed to intercept and destroy an Imperial convoy transporting it. However, their plans to evacuate Ezra were delayed when Ezra and Zare discovered that another cadet, Jai Kell, had shown an affinity for the Force and attracted the attention of the Grand Inquisitor. After convincing Jai to escape with them, Ezra convinced Kanan and the other rebels to stage a diversionary attack on the Academy the following day. As planned, Kanan and his companions attacked the academy, allowing Ezra and Jai to escape using an AT-DP. After breaching the Academy's fortifications, the rebels escaped back to the Ghost on a landspeeder and Hera made arrangements for Jai and his mother to go into hiding. However, Zare opted to stay behind in order to discover the whereabouts of his sister Dhara.

Incident at Fort Anaxes Edit

Kanan, along with Ezra, Zeb and Chopper remained onboard the Ghost while Hera and Sabine departed on the Ghost's auxiliary ship, the Phantom, to meet with Fulcrum, Hera's secret contact and a key leader of the underground Rebel network. However, their coordinates to the mysterious rebel led a supply run at Fort Anaxes, where Fulcrum had already fled and the Phantom broke down in a gas leak Zeb and Ezra forgot to fix, leaving both girls under attack by a pack of Fyrnocks that infested the area. Sensing all of this through the Force and hearing Zeb and Ezra arguing about the situation outside his cabin, Kanan led a rescue mission for the girls eventually letting Hera show him that they could zap the Fyrnocks off the Ghost when they were attacking it.

Empire Day

As time went on, Kanan began to do better and become more strict in Ezra's training. On the fifteenth anniversary of the Empire's establishment, he tried to teach Ezra how connect with another being outside Old Jho's Pit Stop, but Ezra didn't seem to be in a very good mood and wouldn't cooperate. When three TIE fighters past over head, Kanan could tell that it means nothing good as he and Ezra went to join the other rebels inside. There, the rebels found the TIE pilots were there in search of a Rodian Imperial Information office worker whose AJ^6 cybernetic implant has uploaded invaluable information on the Empire's military secrets and five-year plan for Lothal. Later that day, after the Ghost crew (minus Ezra) sabotaged the Empire Day celebrations in Capital City by blowing up a prototypeTIE Advanced v1 starfighter, Kanan and the other rebels fled and caught up with Ezra, who led him and Sabine to his shuttered family home while Zeb went back to the Ghost. There, they found the Rodian the Imperials were hunting, who Ezra introduced as Tseebo, a friend of his parents who went to work for the Information Office after the Empire took Ezra's parents away for setting up illegal broadcasting transmissions speaking out against the Empire's harsh rule in hope of making the galaxy a better place for their son, leaving Ezra to fend for his own on the Capital City streets since he was seven. Realizing Tseebo's value to the Rebellion, the crew of the Ghost agreed to smuggle him offworld.

Kanan helped steal a heavily-armored transport for Sabine to drive him, Ezra and Tseebo through a military blockade and onto the highway, pursued by several Imperial speeder bikers and another troop transport helmed by Agent Kallus. After fighting off their Imperial pursuers, they were evacuated by the Ghost while Kanan kept Kallus busy before Force jumping onboard the Ghost as it fled into space, with several TIE fighters led by the Grand Inquisitor hot on their trail. Manning the Ghost's turrent, Kanan did his best effort with trying to shoot the Inquisitor down, but it was enough to stop the Dark Jedi from attaching an XX-23 S-thread trackeronto the Phantom. Although unaware of this, he and the crew were able to flee into hyperspace when Tseebo fixed the ship's shields and hyperdrive, yet Kanan had difficulty comforting Ezra, who was unable to forgive the Rodian for doing nothing to save his parents. Luckily, Tseebo eventually explained that the Empire may have the power to track the Ghost with a tracker like the one the Inquistor had put on the ship, leading the rebels into discovering it on the Phantom.

Standoff at Fort Anaxes

Knowing that the tracker may jeopardize Tseebo's escape, Kanan devised a plan for him and Ezra to detach the Phantom while still in hyperspace and take the shuttle to Fort Anaxes, where they will the Grand Inquisitor into a Fyrnock trap.

Connecting with the Fyrnocks, Kanan and Ezra commanded them to attack the Inquisitor and his Stormtrooper squadron, then Kanan engaged the Inquisitor in a second lightsaber duel but was quickly overpowered and rendered unconscious. As Ezra tried to protect him and as he regained consciousness, Kanan saw much to his horror, his Padawan embracing the the power of the dark side, summoning a even larger Fyrnock to attack the Inquisitor. Carrying him back to the Phantom, Kanan made their escape and headed back to the Ghost, where the rest of the crew congratulated them. Though Hera was hoping to tell Ezra something, Kanan insisted that he needs some space.


A few days later, Kanan became concerned for Ezra, especially that dangerous connection he made with the Force, and decided to test whether or not he is meant to become a Jedi. Consulting the star map on his holocron, he located a hidden Jedi Temple on Lothal but prompted Ezra to locate it himself. Upon arrival, they landed thePhantom at the temple's entrance and entered together, but Kanan remained behind halfway so he could leave his apprentice to overcome his fears and wait for Ezra to return as all Jedi Masters do. He eventually became surprised to hear Yoda's voice after many years when he was about to lose patience for Ezra, but stayed to confer the Grand Master about his insecurities as a master. Nevertheless, Ezra returned with the kyber crystal for his own lightsaber in hand, surprising Kanan even more as the returned to the Ghost, despite Ezra's suggestion that they should use the temple as a base someday.

Over the coarse of several weeks, Kanan, along with the rest of the crew, helped Ezra build his own lightsaber and provided him with some spare lightsaber parts that he found during his years in hiding. As the rebels assembled, the Padawan presented his new weapon to Kanan who thought the design fit him then returned it to him so that it could ignite for the first time.

Dealing with Lando Calrissian

Eventually, the rebels found themselves short on cash yet again. After letting Zeb bet Chopper in a game ofSabacc against entrepreneur Lando Calrissian, Kanan and his fellow rebels reluctantly struck a deal to help him smuggle goods to Lothal. During the job run, Kanan took a distrust for Lando because of his need to cause trouble and was reluctant that he would return Chopper immediately afterwards. After the smuggler received apuffer pig from the crime lord Azmorigan and Hera returned an escape pod back to the Ghost after being traded for the animal as a slave, Kanan was piloting the ship when Ezra and Zeb accidentally scared the pig, causing the creature to inflate. This left them trapped inside the bridge with Kanan as he manned the Ghost's helm to pilot past Lothal's Imperial blockade while Hera and Sabine trapped on the outside with Lando.

To make matters worse, Ezra climbed over the puffer pig, causing the animal to inflate even more and accidentally push Zeb to deactivate the Ghost's signature mask. The Ghost was then pursued by several TIE fighters, but Kanan managed to loose them following a brief dog-fight. Upon landing at Lando's farm, the rebels were immediately accosted by Azmorigan and his henchmen, who had come for retribution against Lando. However, the rebels fought them off and drove them away. During the fight, Kanan was surprised when Ezra used his lightsaber to fire shots Azmorigan's henchmen, since no regular lightsaber can do that. After Lando was saved, the crew departed on the Ghost with Chopper stealing Lando's fuel canisters as compensation for their risky job. 

Rescue Mission on Lothal

Over the next couple of days, Kanan was found it hard to keep Ezra focused on his training since the boy was worried about missing the latest hope-bringing transmissions similar to those his parents made broadcasted by the exiled Senator Gall Trayvis, who spoke against the Empire. Fortunately, during his lesson to deflect stun shots from Sabine, Zeb and Chopper, Ezra loses consciousness to a vision of him, Kanan and their fellow rebels saving Trayvis from Imperials, and Trayvis commenting Ezra that his parents were very brave.

Kanan was later present when the transmission came on, where Trayvis spoke complimented on the bravery of rebels defying the Empire's tyranny and hinted that he's coming to meet with them at the Old Republic Senate Building on Lothal. While Ezra left to learn if the Empire knows about the meeting or not, Kanan and the other rebels waited for him at his shuttered house, where Sabine showed them the transmission equipment that his parents put up. As expected, Ezra returned, telling them the Empire will indeed be waiting with a trap.

After using the sewers as a secret shortcut to the senate building, Kanan sent Zeb and Sabine up to the roof to foil to the Imperial trap then led Hera and Ezra into the meeting. As the Empire attacked, the rebels regrouped and escaped back into to the sewer tunnel, with Trayvis in their custody. Though outnumbered, the group split up with Kanan leading Zeb and Sabine into holding off the stormtroopers, whilst Hera and Ezra brought Trayvis to another exit. Unfortunately, the rebels' rendezvous point turned out to be a dead end, where they see Hera knock out Trayvis when he was revealed to be a double agent for the Empire, leaving him back in the care of the stormtroopers. Returning to the Ghost, Kanan explained that even though Ezra interpreted his vision wrong, there is still some hope for the galaxy.

Captured by the Empire

Hoping to get back at Trayvis for his betrayal, Kanan came up with the idea to he and his fellow rebels to broadcast a message of their own through Lothal's Imperial broadcasting tower. It went wrong though as Kanan was captured due to the Empire knowing they were coming. The message was successfully sent though by Ezra, but soon after Grand Moff Tarkin ordered the tower's destruction. Kanan was then interrogated by the Grand Inquisitor, Tarkin and Agent Kallus, but he didn't talk.

Fighting the Inquisitor

Kanan was later taken to Mustafar for further interrogation. Unable to achieve results through physical pain Kanan knew nothing of a larger Rebellion, the Grand Inquisitor turned to psychological methods by tormenting Kanan with his last moments with his master, saying he was a coward for abandoning her and the Jedi order to save himself. Kanan was soon rescued by his apprentice and just as they were on their way to regroup with the others, they ran into the Inquisitor. Master and Padawan engaged him in a lightsaber duel, using each others lightsabers, until the Inquisitor knocked Ezra off the platform. Enraged by the belief that Ezra was dead, Kanan picked up both lightsabers and began to fight with twice the effort, saying the Inquisitor made a mistake, because he now had nothing left to fear.

Kanan forced the Inquisitor to the edge of the platform, but although admitting that he was a coward, he now knew that there was something stronger than fear, the Force. He broke the Inquisitor's lightsaber and had him hanging from the edge of the platform, where the Pau'an told Kanan there were some things more frightening than death before falling to his own into the reactor core explosion. Ezra came up behind Kanan, who was overjoyed that he didn't lose his Padawan. However, they were forced to make a quick exit because the ship was starting to blow up. Boarding the Grand Inquisitor's TIE, they regrouped with the other rebels and escaped into hyperspace escaped with another rebel cell called the Phoenix Squadron, funded by Senator Organa and commanded by Fulcrum, who revealed himself as an old classmate of Kanan's from the Jedi order, Ahsoka Tano.

The Siege of Lothal

Over the next couple of weeks, the Ghost crew became part of a larger Rebellion, but Kanan wished that the crew should go back on their own since he had no intention to become part of the Rebellion's small army, mainly because of what happened to him and the Jedi during the Clone Wars. After a successful mission to require an Imperial fleet's cargo for the Rebel fleet, Chopper interrupted the the mission's progress meeting on the the squadron's command ship,Phoenix Home, with a message from Lothal Minister Maketh Tuaoffering her defection from the Empire in exchange for info on why the Empire are interested in the industrial work on Lothal. At Ezra's urging, they agreed to help her. Afterwards, Hera confronted Kanan for his breech of protocol, which Kanan explained was bothering him. Upon returning to Lothal, Kanan stole a Stormtrooper's armor and put it on. However, they failed to rescue Minister Tua when she was killed in a staged explosion set up by Agent Kallus, as part of a trap. In order to escape from Lothal, Kanan and his fellow Rebels broke into the Imperial Complex to steal a shuttle. On the way, Kanan sensed the same cold feeling Ezra sensed earlier and, unlike Ezra, recognized it as the Dark Side of the Force just before Darth Vader appeared. Kanan and Ezra tried to fight him, but Vader was too powerful and the rebels were forced to retreat into the chosen shuttle.

Although Ezra recognized the need to defeat him, Kanan told him that since Vader was a Sith, he was too strong both in the Force and in physical strength and that the only reason they were still alive was because he had been playing with them during the entire fight. So, knowing that Vader will be waiting for them in space, the rebels decided to head over to Lando's farm for a way to smuggle themselves off the plant. Lando was off-world at the time, but his droid, W1-LE, was there to assist them. The equipment it provided them helped them get past the blockade, unaware that the shuttle had a tracking device on it. When the Rebels arrived back at the fleet, Chopper revealed that the tracking device had just activated. Kanan realized with horror that this was why Vader let them go and that they led the Empire right back to the fleet. Vader arrived and did a lot of damage to the fleet. To buy the rest of the Rebel's time to escape, the Ghost crew kept Vader busy before escaping as well. Afterwards, Kanan told the rest of the Ghost crew that they needed to find the strength to fight for now because the Empire had struck back in a way that revealed they were more powerful than they thought, which they agreed with.

Meeting the Clones

In the wake of the destruction of the Phoenix Home, the Rebel network faced a shortage of bases and facilities. However, when Ezra suggested that they need shelter on a remote system, Ahsoka sent the Ghost crew to fetch her an old friend on Seelos who might know where to find such bases, but not before advising Kanan to trust him. Upon arriving in the system, the Ghost was damaged, so Hera and Chopper remained behind to repair it while Kanan accompanied the rest of the crew to the planet's surface in the Phantom. There, they discovered that that this friend was the former Republic clone captain named Rex, who lived in an antiquated AT-TE walker with two other fellow clones, Wolffe and Gregor. After a brief misunderstanding due to Kanan's distrust of clones because of their role in Order 66, which Rex and his brothers resisted in executing, the rebels managed to convince the clones that they were friends sent by Ahsoka. The clones agreed to supply the necessary information on the bases in exchange for the rebels to participate in their hunt for a Joopa, with Zeb as the bait. After fulfilling their side of the bargain, the clones asked the rebels to stay for dinner.

However, Sabine discovered that Wolffe, who distrusted the rebels, secretly alerted the Empire of their presence and hid Ahsoka's messages. After Rex convinced Wolffe that the rebels were their friends, the rebels and clones were visited by an Imperial probe droid that Rex was able to destroy, but not before it damaged the Phantom. Then, a group of three AT-AT walkers led by Agent Kallus arrived, so Rex and his comrades remained behind to hold them off in their AT-TE, despite being outnumbered and outgunned, while Kanan and the other rebels escaped in the repaired Phantom. But at Ezra's wishes, they headed back to aid the clones by hijacking one of the AT-AT walkers destroying Kallus' walker with it, forcing Kallus and his band to retreat. As a result, the rebels gained the respect of the clones, who agreed to join the Rebellion.

Discipline Vs. Wits

Over the following day, Kanan continued his tutelage with Ezra on the Ghost by instructing him to levitate objects with the Force, using Chopper as the obstacle. However, Chopper and Sabine decided to play a trick on the two Jedi by locking Chopper's feet to the Ghost's metallic floor. Despite Ezra's best efforts, he gave up in frustration only for Rex to expose Sabine and Chopper's prank, which Ezra felt wasn't fair. Eventually Kanan reminded his Padawan that a fight is never fair, but when Rex suggested that Ezra should combine the Force with his wits, Kanan retorted that the boy needed to learn more discipline. Wishing not to get involved their argument, Ezra snuck off on a mission with Sabine, Zeb and Chopper to retrieve supplies from an abandonedRepublic medical station for the fleet, frustrating his master even more. When they returned, Ezra was dissapointed with proving Kanan right after a run-in that he and Sabine had with two recently dispatched Inquisitors who their presence at the station attracted the attention of, The Fifth Brother and The Seventh Sister, yet were lucky that Zeb and Chopper saved them. This news shocked Kanan, who was unaware that there was more than one Inquisitor.

Finding Power Cells

The crew of the Ghost later set up base on Garel, but Kanan felt like a loner when Ezra eventually skipped one of his Jedi lessons with him to attend a blaster training session taught by Rex. When Kanan discovered this, he argued with Rex whether the boy's future lay as a soldier or Jedi, which Ezra responded that if that's how it's gonna go, the he'll wish to be neither. During a meeting on the Ghost, Kanan was selected to participate in a mission to find fuel cells to deliver to the people of Rinn, who were experiencing an energy crisis. Ezra and Chopper remained behind to clean up the Ghost, but were caught in an unauthorized mission involving a bargain to obtain power generators from Vizago and the pirate crime lord Hondo Ohnaka. These generators were subsequently delivered to Kanan and the other crewmates of the Ghost so they could use them to help stop the crisis on Rinn.

Mission to Ibaar

Kanan and his fellow rebels later participated in a mission to transport relief supplies to Ibaar, which was blockaded by an Imperial fleet commanded by Agent Kallus. Following the failure of the first attempt which result in the destruction of a rebel transport and the death of the Pheonix leader, the crew of the Ghost embarked on a mission to contact the engineer Quarrie, who lived on Shantipole, which was inaccessible to many spacers. The Mon Calamari had just recently developed a prototype starfighter known as the Blade Wing, which could break the blockade. While Hera, Sabine and Zeb traveled to Shantipole in the Phantom, Kanan remained behind above Ibaar with Ezra and Chopper to rendezvous with a transport ship and pick up supplies for their second attempt to break the blockade.

When Hera didn't return, Kanan suggested to use the Ghost to transport the supplies but an alarmed Ezra advised against it, knowing that it would make the Ghost an easy target for the Empire. Despite the dangers, Kanan argued that the people of Ibaar was counting on them and they could not give up. Despite Kanan comming Hera, there was still no sign of her and the other crew when the Ghost and the rest of the Phoenix fleet converged on Ibaar. Fortunately for Ezra and the other Ghost crew, they were quickly joined by the Phoenix, which was carrying the Blade on its back. Using the Blade Wing, Hera destroyed an Arquitens-class light cruiser, enabling the Ghost to travel through the gap in the Imperial blockade and drop its supplies down to the Ibaarians. Following the successful relief of Ibaar, Hera was promoted as the new Pheonix leader at Kanan's recommendation.  

Infiltrating the Interdictor

Following the disappearance of a rebel patrol in the Del Zennis system and Ezra leaving to accompany PhoenixCommander Jun Sato on a mission to find them, Kanan and the other Ghost crew received a distress transmission from Sato that his CR90 corvette had been pulled out of hyperspace and captured by the Empire upon reaching the same destination. While they were puzzled, since they knew it was impossible for the Empire to use their tractor beams to pull a ship out of hyperspace, Sabine suggested that it was possible if the projection wasn't a tractor beam but rather a gravity well, recalling that during her time at the Imperial Academy on Mandalore, she learned that the Empire was developing a new cruiser, called the Imperial Interdictor, with gravity well projectors powerful to do such. When Kanan told the Ghost crew to suit up for a rescue mission, but Hera overruled him and suggested a better rescue plan, which involved Kanan, Rex and Chopper infiltrating the Interdictor disguised as Stormtroopers and an Imperial communications droid. Due to his experiences during the Clone Wars, however, Kanan was reluctant to work with Rex but complied on Hera's order for the mission's sake, since Rex's military experiences would be invaluable in infiltrating an Imperial warship.

Suiting up in the armor of two Stormtroopers Zeb captured and flying to the Del Zennis system in a Sentinel-class landing craft Sabine stole, Kanan informed Rex that the mission was planned only to save their fellow rebels, but the clone insisted that they need to destroy the Interdictor since its gravity well projectors may pose a threat to the Rebellion. Despite Kanan's remark of dislike on following protocol, Rex was able to use those for emergency to trick the Interdictor's crew into letting their shuttle board. Upon landing, the Jedi used a mind trick to convince the waiting Stormtroopers to let he, Rex and Chopper pass to maintenance, then had Chopper accessed a console, from which they learned that that the Imperials were transferring Ezra separately from the cell holding Sato to a secured one under triple guard, meaning they already knew who he really was despite the alias he went by to trick them. Kanan and Rex raced there to free the boy only to see Ezra break himself free and knock out his captors before he could be pushed into his cell, but because he didn't recognize his master and clone captain in their armor, he stunned them with his lightsaber's blaster yet quickly realized his mistake after recognizing the disguised Chopper. When Kanan and Rex awoke, Ezra attempted to claim that they were knocked out in a massive fire fight, but Chopper played a holographic recording of what really happened. While Kanan was outraged that his apprentice had shot him, Rex laughed it off. The two got into an argument about how to proceed with their rescue mission, but Rex's was complied and Ezra left to accompany Chopper on his mission to sabotage the Interdictor's gravity well projectors while Kanan accompanied the clone to free Sato and his crew.

Getting passed a blaster fight they sparked with a group of Stormtroopers, Kanan made his way into the detention cells and freed Sato while Rex kept the Sormtroopers standing guard. However, when Kanan and his fellow rebels were cornered by more Imperials on the way to Sato's corvette so Rex held them back to by him and Sato time despite the Jedi's opposition, thus getting himself captured. Reuniting with Ezra and Chopper, Kanan sensed Rex through the Force being tortured to death by the Interdictor's commanding officer, Admiral Brom Titus, in the command bridge and instructed his Padawan to lead the other rebels' escape in his place while he went back to rescue the clone. The Jedi made his way to the bridge still disguised as a Stormtrooper, where where surprised Titus, destroyed his interrogation droid and took out the remaining commanders with Rex before fleeing in an escape pod and linking it up with their rebel comrades aboard Sato's corvette. But before the corvette could flee into hyperspace, they were pulled back out by the Interdictor, but due to Chopper's sabotaging well projectors malfunctioned; causing two nearby Imperial light cruisers to collide with the warship, destroying them in the ensuing explosion. This gave the rebels the opportunity to flee into hyperspace, never to be pulled out again. As a result of their joint mission, Kanan was able to overcome his distrust of Rex, who thanked the Jedi for rescuing him.

Rescuing Force-Sensitive Infants

During a visit from Ahsoka on Garel, Kanan led her into his cabin to have their conversation in private. Eventually, Ahsoka has been investigating Darth Vader and his Inquisitors and discovered that the Inquisitors' secondary mission was to kidnap Force-sensitive infants, thus obtaining two sets of coordinates. While she went to investigate the first, she assigned Kanan to look at the second set, which he indicated that Ezra should come along, aware that his apprentice was eavesdropping and sliding the door open to reveal him on the other side. Along with Zeb and Chopper, Kanan and Ezra traveled on the Phantom to the settlement of Hammertown on Takobo. There, Zeb and Chopper stayed behind at the spaceport to search for any sign of the Inquisitors while the two Jedi investigated the housing unit revealed to be the home of an Ithorian namedOora who had already sent her infant son Pypey into hiding with a courier droid as soon as the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister showed up and ransacked the home searching for him. Kanan vowed that they'll keep the child safe. He and Ezra later learned that that Zeb and Chopper had discovered the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister's TIE Fighters and rescued another infant from Ahsoka's coordinates named Alora. While Chopper babysat Alora, Zeb went to intercept the courier droid before the Inquisitors could get their hands on Pypey and recovered him just as they pursued. Fleeing into an apartment block, he contacted Kanan and Ezra, who traveled rejoin their companion only to discover one of the Sister's ID9 seeker droids hovering at the entrance.

Evading the seeker droid and the Inquisitors, the Jedi rendezvoused with Zeb in an apartment room, but their arrival unsettled the child since he could sense the Ezra's fear, thus alerting the the Inquistors of their presence. As the Brother and Sister poked their lightsabers through the apartment floor, the rebels fled into the hallway while Ezra struggled to calm the baby, so Kanan decided that they should split up. While he and Zeb confronted the Inquisitors, Ezra climbed into the ventilation shaft with Pypey and was finally managed to calm the infant down by connecting with him through the Force. However, the Brother was able to pinpoint Ezra's location and attempted to flush him out with his lightsaber, but Kanan stopped him before he could finish his work. This gave Ezra a chance to escape the building with Pypey. The Inquisitors chased Kanan and Zeb through Hammertown until the latter duo reunited with Ezra at the spaceport, but despite comming Chopper, they were unable to open the gates.

The Inquisitors then caught up with them, but the rebels refused to give up Pypey despite being outmatched. Before the Inquisitors could deal with them, Ahsoka exited the spaceport and bested them in a duel. In the meantime, Kanan and his companions took the opportunity to flee aboard the Phantom, then rescued Ahsoka from an Imperial patrol and fled into hyperspace. While in space, the rebels learnt from Ahsoka that a similar attempt had been made by the Sith Order to abduct children during the Clone Wars, but the Jedi Order stopped them. Unbeknownst to them, the Inquisitors obtained a recording from the seeker droid they had guard the apartment building entrance that recorded an offhand remark that Ezra suggested to Pypey while helping the infant escape, saying "If you love to, maybe you can come live with us on Garel", unwittingly exposing that the rebels were hiding on Garel.

Helping Ezra with Peace For The Past

One night later, while everyone else was in bed, Kanan and Hera were discussing plans to find a permanent base the rebellion. This was interrupted by Ezra, who was awakened by a Force vision of his parents in his sleep and discussed it with them. At Kanan's suggestion, Hera finally agreed to disclose what Tseebo had told her about Ezra's parents: that they were alive but imprisoned within a vast network of Imperial prisons that spanned the galaxy. Despite calling every favor from smugglers, rebels, and their contacts, she had been unable to pinpoint their exact location. Later that morning, Kanan and Hera received word from Commander Sato that there had been a breakout at the Imperial prison on Lothal and obtained a list of the prisoners at the facility. Believing that one of the prisoners could help them find Ezra's parents, Kanan instructed his apprentice to use the Force to probe the list with his vision, which stopped when it closed directly on an inmate known as Prisoner X-10. After Sabine informed that that she had received intelligence that the Imperial fleet was withdrawing from Lothal, Ezra took it as a sign to head over there, yet Kanan convinced him to let the rest of the Ghost crew go with him. To prepare for departure, Hera contacted Zeb and Chopper from their errand at the market to come aboard the Ghost, but both Lasat and droid were being pursued by several Stormtroopers. This coincided with the appearance of an Imperial fleet above Garel City which had come to crush the rebel presence there.

Kanan and Ezra went to help Zeb and Chopper back to the Ghost by exchanging fire with their Stormtrooper pursuers. When Agent Kallus arrived, Ezra bought Kanan time by using the Force to hurl Kallus and his men against the wall. However, when the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister arrived, they goaded Ezra into attacking them, but Kanan used his blaster to shut the blast doors; separating the boy from the Inquisitors. Frustrated, Ezra assured his master that he doesn't know what it was like to see his parents again, which Kanan had to agree with since he never knew his parents. Making their way back to the Ghost as it took off, Kanan along with Ezra and Chopper entered the Phantom and detached it while Hera, Sabine and Zeb stayed behind to to help the Phoenix Squadron evacuate the planet when the Liberator almost got caught in the Star DestroyerRelentless's tractor beam. Spotting a gap in the Imperial fleet, Kanan took the chance to flee into hyperspace and exit above the atmosphere of Lothal, landing the Phantom in Capital City. There, he Ezra visit the Bridger family home to discover that the Empire razed it to the ground, but when Ezra felt the presence of a Loth-catthat he saw in his vision there and approaches it. Frightened, the cat led the two Jedi on a wild pursuit through the city streets until it fled onto the back of a speeder into the wilderness. However, Ezra manages to plant a locator on the speeder before it disappeared.

Using the locator, Kanan, Ezra and Chopper tracked the speeder and Loth-cat to a cluster of large hives outside the city, where they were attacked by a hooded man Ezra recognized as Prisoner X-10 from his vision. When Kanan and Ezra were able to placate the man by mentioning Ezra's parents, the man took off his hood and introduced himself as Ryder Azadi, a former governor of Lothal who was arrested by the Empire for supporting the Bridgers' anti-Imperial broadcasts. At his hideout, Ryder explained that Ezra's parents had heard the broadcast Ezra sent out with Kanan and the other Ghost crew's assistance a while back, and inspired by it to stage a prison breakout. Unfortunately, they died during the escape attempt. Later that night, when Ezra had another vision of his parents visiting him and telling him to stay strong, Kanan explained that the Jedi believed that life did not end with death but merely changed form. He also consoled Ezra by telling him that his parents will always be with him.

Rendezvou With A Royal Guest 

While contacting Hera, the news about what happened to Ezra's parents had left the rest of the rebels sorry for him.  However, Hera had some good news. She told Kanan that Senator Organa heard about their losses on Garel and sent reinforcements to the rebellion on three Hammerhead corvettes captained by his adoptive daughter, Leia. Kanan and Ryder found Ezra quietly alone with Chopper, still heartbroken about the loss of his parents. Despite his grief, he was still up for the mission to rendezvous with the Princess in Jalath City, only to find the being guarded by Imperial forces led by Lothal's Imperial supply master, Yogar Lyste. So, to avoid being recognized, they disguised themselves as a Stormtrooper and cadet and mingled into one of the ships as Leia disembarked from it. From there, the disguised Jedi eavesdropped on Lyste's conversation with the princess as the Imperial told her that he was aware that her ships seem to get "stolen" by the rebels quite frequently and, to make that impossible, placed double security around the ships and had his men attach threeGravity Locks onto each, deploying  a detachment of Stormtroopers around the area with two AT-AT walkers. Leia assured him that all of this was unnecessary but Lyste remained insistent, so she requested in taking his landing craft so she could start on her relief work, with Kanan and Ezra accompanying her. As the three of them departed in the craft, Leia’s plan became more complicated since giving the cruisers to the rebel fleet in deep space will only allow the Empire to suspect Alderaan for helping the rebels and label them as traitors. But if the rebel Jedi alone stole the ships on a planet controlled by the Empire, that wouldn't happen.

They returned to Ryder's hideout only to find a group of Stormtroopers arresting Ryder and Chopper, so Kanan, still in his Stormtrooper disguise, offered to take them back to prison. However, the troopers were given orders to execute Ryder, but before matters got worse the Ghost showed up flew out of nowhere and a brief skirmish broke out. In order to get to the Ghost without raising suspicion, Kanan had his fellow rebels fake Leia's abduction and rescue. With everyone aboard, the Ghost took off with Kanan, Ezra and Ryder following in the Phantom. While reviewing the nature of the situation, neither Kanan nor his fellow Ghost crew saw any chance of success except getting one of the ships instead of all three. Leia, however, motivated the crew by saying how they could get them, and a plan to get all three ships began to form. Ryder joined in, saying that explosives would not be able to disable the gravity locks and offered his help in exchange for getting off of Lothal. Dropping down from the Phantom with Leia in tow, Kanan and Ezra took on Lyste and his men while the other rebels unlocked two of the secured ships and took off in them, knocking the supply master out cold. Unfortunately, the AT-AT proved resilient to the Ghost's armament, so Kanan had Ezra help Ryder unlock the last corvette while he handled the walker, using his lightsaber to slice off its left legs and retreating in the last corvette with Ezra, Ryder, Sabine and Chopper piloting the other two as they all fled into space with the Ghost,though Leia opted to stay behind on Lothal to avoid Imperial suspicion of her involvement in the "theft". Escaping into hyperspace and back to the rebel fleet, the Ghost crew were pleased that they managed to get all three ships, and Ryder, now realizing that what Ezra's parents started had become even larger then he thought, agreed to join the rebellion for their son's sake.

Negotiating With The Protectors 

When the rebels decided to consider new hyperspace routes in and out of the local sector without the Empire making the rebellion's travel around the Outer Rim difficult with each encounter, Kanan helped set up a meeting to discus the ideas. They eventually stuck with Sabine's idea of passing through the Concord Dawnsystem, which housed a Mandalorian colony that was not yet within Imperial territory. While Commander Sato advocated sending a military force to deal with the Madalorians in question, Kanan and Hera suggested negotiating for safe passage with Concord Dwan's Protectors. Despite their reservations, the Phoenix Squadron consented with Hera's diplomatic approach. Unfortunately, Hera and Sabine's diplomatic mission to the Protectors failed since their leader, Commander Fenn Rau, had already aligned his warriors with the Empire, and several of their RZ-1 A-wing interceptors during a dogfight above Concord Dawn. The girls survived but Hera was seriously wounded during the fight, and was taken for medical attention. When Sabine began blaming herself for Hera's injuries, Kanan tried to help the other Ghost crew to comfort her, though her report on the fight eventually brought back memories for the Jedi and Rex, who remembered Rau as a fighter pilot instructor in the Clone Wars who served alongside Kanan and his master in the third Battle of Mygeeto. Since negotiations were no longer an option, Sabine recommended destroying the Protectors' Fang Fighters so they no longer posed a threat to the fleet, since she had tracked them to the third moon of Concord Dawn. Kanan, however, was still secretly determined on negotiations and suggested that they infiltrate the base and destroy the Fang fighters before approaching with the fleet, but planned to go alone because he didn't want to risk anymore of his crew members. So he took only Chopper to accompany him and took the Phantom to Concord Dawn.

Upon arriving, Kanan discovered that Sabine had stowed away, still determined to seek justice for what the Protectors did to Hera. As they approached the surface of the planet's third moon, Chopper dropped them off near the Protector's Camp, where Kanan and Sabine performed reconnaissance and discovered that the base had eight Fang fighters in total all spread out, so it would take Sabine a while to plant explosives on them. An Imperial shuttle soon landed to provide supplies for the Protectors, and the rebels witnessed Rau reporting his encounter with Phoenix Squadron. With a clear link between the Protectors and the Empire, Kanan's plan was eventually doubted to work, but they nonetheless proceeded with it as as soon as the shuttle left. Kanan went to meet with Rau while Sabine began planting the explosives. Rau noticed his presence, and before deciding whenever or not to gun him down, he allowed Kanan to reveal himself. After revealing his identity as a Jedi, Kanan brought up Rau’s involvement in the third battle of Mygeeto, and how he and his squadron flew into the Separatists’ fire to give him and his master cover when they were pinned down by droids. Rau remembered, and recalled being young and reckless, but failed to see what the battle had to do with Kanan infiltrating his base. The rebel Jedi offered him to join the Rebellion, but Rau showed no interest in siding against the Empire. In his mind, the rebellion stood no chance of victory so he had no reason to join a losing side. Kanan argued that point, but Rau remained uninterested in fighting another losing war with the Jedi.

Their conversation was interrupted when several Protectors who had just caught Sabine rigging seven of their fighters came in and reported that she had invoked the Mandalorian code to seek justice through combat. Rau accepted the challenge but when the two Mandalorians faced each other, Kanan disagreed with Sabine's plan and ordered her to stand down and not make an enemy out of the Protectors, but she refused, disarmed Rau of his blaster and triggered the explosives, destroying all but one of the fighters. Unfortunately, Rau hopped into the remaining fighter and took off to attack the rebel fleet, but Kanan hopped into the fighter using the Force and held onto it despite the Protector commander's efforts to shake him off. Using his lightsaber, the Jedi was able to damage the starfighter, knock Rau out from inside the cockpit and jumped with the Mandalorian in tow onto the Phantom as Sabine and Chopper stirred it over to him. Returning to the fleet, the Ghost crew had Rau order his men to stand down and keep his capture a secret to the Empire, knowing that a fight would bring the Empire into rebel territory. As a result, the rebels were allowed to pass the Concord Dawn system. Kanan then accompanied Sabine to visit Hera, who had just regained consciousness and was pleased with the outcome of their mission.

Transporting Lasat Refugees 

When Ezra received a tip from one of his contacts, Kanan and his fellow rebels accompanied him on a rescue mission to Nixus Hub 218, where two refugees were being held prisoner by the Empire. They arrived to find the refugees being led out of a cargo container at gunpoint, and the Ghost crew immediately caught a glimpse of who they were: a Lasat warrior named Gron and Lasat shaman named Chava the Wise. This shocked Zeb, who believed himself to be the last of the Lasat, and the rebels quickly attacked the Stormtroopers and Imperial officer in order to free the prisoners. They were afterwards greeted by the contact, who turned out to be Hondo, and Gron turned out to have fought in the Lasan Honor Guard with Zeb as his captain, much to Zeb's discomfort. His fellow rebels were surprised, as he never told them that he was captain of the Honor Guard, but the Lasat dismissed it, saying only that it was a long time and he had forgotten that life. With reinforcements bound to show up, the crew began the return trip back to the Ghost. Hondo asked for the payment he was promised only to discover that Ezra deceived him, leaving the Weequay pirate proud of his young friend. While heading back to the ship, the crew were informed by Chava that they were a journey to their new world, Lirasan, which was described in prophecy as a safe system to begin a new life. Zeb did not believe in prophecies, however, nor did he believe in a future for his people. While this was discussed, Ezra was contacted by Hondo on a transmitter he was given by the pirate that their presence had been noticed by a squad of Stormtroopers that showed up and began a firefight, cornering them in the Nixus halls. To save his friends, the pirate quietly sealed a few doors, cutting many of the Stormtroopers off from the rebels while Ezra tried holding them back, saying that they owed Hondo. Kanan, though, insisted that they didn't, hinting that he was aware that Hondo got them into this mess in the first place. But with the Imperials on their trail held back for them, the rebels fought their way back to the Ghost and took off, departing and escaping into hyperspace just as Agent Kallus arrived in an Imperial light cruiser.

Safely in hyperspace, the Ghost crew learned from Chava that she did not know the location of Lirasan as it was uncharted and from an ancient Lasat legend. In order to find it, the galaxy's spirit, the "Ashla", prophecised that "the child" must first save "the warrior" and "the fool". While the warrior was assumed to be Zeb, the child was assumed to be Ezra. The Ashla, on the other hand, sounded like the Force, which Kanan explained had many names and watched the ritual Chava designed to guide her and Gron to their new world. Once it was over, it was revealed that Zeb was the child, and was instructed by Gron to assemble his bo-rifle as the ancient Lasan Honor Guard once did to interact with Chava's staff, using the tip to create a surge of electricity on a map of the galaxy activated by by Chopper, that pointed to an uncharted world in Wild Space. Realizing the prophecy could be true, the rebels plotted a coarse beyond the Outer Rim. Unfortunately, the crew were forced to bring the Ghost out of hyperspace due to an imploded star cluster that's gravity field could destroy any approaching ship, which Chava recognized as the "maze to Lirasan", standing in their path. Then, Agent Kallus' light cruiser emerged behind them thanks to a captured Hondo's assistance with a tracker the pirate place on the communications device he gave Ezra. As Kallus gave them a minute to surrender or be attacked, Chava immediately stated that he was the warrior and advised that there are many children, warriors and fools, but in time Zeb would get the chance to become all three. Realizing it was his destiny to lead the way to Lirasan, Zeb used his bo-rifle to take control of the ship's controls and shepherd the Ghost through the maelstrom, with Kanan and Ezra using the Force to watch his back and keep the electric surge steady on the ship. Losing patience, Kallus sent two TIE fighters to pursue them, but they were ripped apart by the gravitational tide of the star cluster. So, the light cruiser opened fire on the Ghost and each blast kept missing the ship, and thus the Ghost miraculously jumped into hyperspace through the star cluster, knocking Kanan and his fellow crewmates out due to its bright blast. Upon awaking, the Ghost crew found themselves in unknown space but sighted Lirasan in the horizon, so Zeb left on the Phantom to drop Gron and Chava there. After hours of waiting, Kanan kept Ezra from loosing patience until the Lasat finally returned, having discovered that the planet was the original Lasat homeworld and that it was already home to millions of Lasat. While Chava and Gron elected to stay behind on their new home, Zeb decided to return to the Ghost resolving to bring more Lasat to Lirasan as he, Kanan and their rebel companions departed via a safe route that Hera had plotted through the star cluster.

Attacking The Mining Guild With Purrgil 

When the Rebellion began suffering a fuel crisis, the Ghost crew was sent to retrieve a refining fuel meant for the Empire from a mining organization known as the Mining Guild, which was enough shipment to fuel the rebel fleet for a full cycle. Running on fumes, the rebels arrived at the asteroid belt of where the Guild's Gas Refinerywas, but due to the field scrambling their sensors finding the facility would not be easy. In order to keep the Ghost moving, Kanan and the others were forced to reserve all power to the engines, leaving them with limited fire-power and little heating. Already the rebels were feeling the cold of space, but then Ezra began to hear strange sirens that he described sounded sad. Nobody else could hear anything until straight ahead, he and his rebel colleagues spotted a swarm of Purrgil coming towards them. As the Purrgil passed the Ghost,Hera was prepared to open fire in order to draw them away, but Kanan objected as they could not waste their fire-power. He advised to let the Purrgil pass, but Hera remained insistent. Ezra suggested flying with them instead of against them, that way they would not get bashed around so much or need to waste their power reserves. Kanan and the other crewmates agreed to that idea, and Hera reluctantly turned the ship to fly alongside the creatures. While the Purrgil themselves began to calm down and started to fly along with the Ghost as Hera went on trying to convince Kanan how menacing they were, one came up alongside it and Ezra could sense through the Force that something was upsetting it. His master jokingly suggested that it was maybe Hera but was proven wrong when he spotted two Mining Guild TIE Fighters closing in. Despite running on fumes and having their power supply dangerously low, both master and apprentice still managed to take out both fighters. Suspecting they must've come from the refinery, the Ghost crew decided track where they originated from so the could find their way there. As the purrgil began changing direction, Ezra suggested following them, which Hera objected, but to their surprise, Sabine managed to pinpoint where the fighters originated from to where the purrgil were heading. To Kanan, the surprise was so interesting.

After following Zeb and Sabine to ensure everything was switched off to save every little bit of fuel, the Jedi attended the briefing where Hera and Sabine outlined their plans to infiltrate the facility and steal the gas canisters as the Ghost arrived at an asteroid overlooking it and parked on it. The rebels would also destroy the facility by using detonators to ignite the volatile Clouzon-36 gas around the refinery in order to deny it to the Empire. 

Force Training 

  1. Open the Holocron of Obi-Wan Kenobi using the Force.
  2. Use the Force to lift up a Small bowl.
  3. Balance upside down on two arms while balancing on the Ghost Ship up in the Sky. 

The Force is everywhere. It surrounds us and penetrates us and binds the Galaxy together. 

Animal Empathy: Step outside of yourself and make a connection with another being.You are connected to every living thing in the universe. But to discover that you have to let your guard down. You have to be willing to attach to others. 

Ezra learns best by Surviving.  

Lightsaber Training

Having a laser sword doesn't make you a Jedi. There is a control on the side that adjusts the link to your height. Close your Eyes. Be precise keep the blade up. 

  • Picture the Locking Mechanism together in your mind. 
  • You got the Blocking down for the most part but you shouldn't just randomly deflect the energy any which way you have yet to hit the target i gave you.  

Blaster Training

REX: Aim, then fire. Rex, I bet sometimes even you miss. Speaking of, you're missing Jedi training. Which is now. Remember? (SIGHS) You know, I can't be in two places at once. As a soldier, you're gonna have to learn to prioritize. Well, he's not a soldier. He's a Jedi.


  • As we speak, the frozen planet of Rinn is facing an energy crisis.
    When their supply of fuel cells is gone, the settlements will not be able to power the heaters they need to survive.

Jedi Wisdom Sayings

  • Do or do not.There is no try. A saying that Master Yoda use to say.
  • Focus on letting go.
  • You need to focus through distractions.

Jedi Powers

Training Episodes

  1. Empire Day 
  2. Rise of the Old Masters 
  3. Gathering Forces  
  4. Vision of Hope  
  5. Brothers of the Broken Horn  
  6. Shroud of Darkness