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Kanjar Ro is a known felon across the galaxy and heads a group of criminals. They hijacked the Space Train and ejected the staff outside but it happened to contain cargo belonging to the Justice League. Batman infiltrated the train and confronted Kanjar. Kanjar declared the Justice League should stop sticking its righteous nose in everyone's business. Batman noted he was transporting stolen items that belonged in the Watchtower vault then threw a Batarang. Kanjar cloaked himself with his Energi-rod. Kanjar knocked Batman down from behind and tossed him into space. Unable to catch up the Space Train in Justice 1, Cyborg searched for any allies who were closer and hired Space Cabbie. He wasn't happy to learn the culprit was Kanjar Ro. On Batman's advice, Cabbie thawed out Jonah Hex from container #722. They found an empty engine room. Kanjar was cloaked and aimed an infrared beam at Hex's back. Cabbie spotted it and warned Hex in time. Hex shot his laser pistols and damaged the rod's cloaking ability. Kanjar and Hex opted to shoot energy blasts at each other.

Kanjar eventually shot the two laser pistols out of Hex's hands. Hex rushed Kanjar and punched him into the next room. Hex entered but Kanjar had him dead to rights. Hex and Cabbie put their hands up. Kanjar commented on Hex's facial scar to which Hex retorted about Kanjar's own looks. Kanjar let Hex say his last words. Hex shouted "Hold on!" and pulled down the over head brake line. Kanjar was launched forward into the helm. Once Cabbie landed the Space Train, Cyborg took Kanjar into custody and walked him into Justice 1.

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