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Supported by the chairman of the student council, Himekoji tries to win a beauty contest at her school. When she prevents Miho Nosaka from moving on to the final round by ripping her dress apart, Yugi Mutou gets angry at her and switches to Dark Yugi, who plays a Game of Darkness using the roses she had on her. The two took turns pulling one to three roses from her and whoever took the last rose would lose. Left with 5 roses in the bundle in her hand and Yugi to take from the bunch first, Himekoji confidently thought she would win. Left with a single rose in her hand on Yugi's turn, Yugi proceeded to take the rose in her hair, stating that he never said the roses had to be in the bouquet, but on her person, thus Himekoji was left with the final rose and lost.[1]

After losing the game, Kaoruko sees herself as an aged woman and sees snakes begin to wrap around her wrists. Shortly after she is said to have withdrawn from the contest.[1]