This Planet appeared in the Silver Surfer episode "Forever War".


We were a planet scientists and researchers who refused to give our discoveries to the kree. Then we were attacked. And our losses were great. The high evolutionary council created me ..To be its champion and both defend and protect.

Did the war end?Did I fail?From what I have seen, my friend, you have succeeded.So, silver surfer, you have returned but instead of general ko-val and his ship ..Adam warlock, defender of Karadiss.Now, kree, tell me, what happened to my world?You think to threaten kree-lar?Zarek, your general is trapped in the anomaly endlessly reliving an ancient battle.The analytical belt has recorded all the necessary information.Therefore, in accordance with our bargain I would see the supremor.

If only my homeworld lived as well.I will never know what happened.Belt: Thank you for your request.RíInformation processed.The analytical belt.The supremor did not deign to examine it.In studying the anomaly and related phenomena this Analyzer discovered crono-syncratic images S1ma Kra-Des ar their own her thinking as someone who knew only the ways of war he might turn against There Warlock would relive his great bale for all eternity.But many disagreed.What if he should be needed again?To impose this point of view s >>ntcrte a rrr The other side retaliated in kind.More warriors were created.The result was inevitable.Karra-Des, and everyone on it was destroyed.In saving my planet, I destroyed it.

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