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 ( Karura), also known as phoenix and Fenghuang ( Hōō), is a high-level fire Demon and a kin of the King of Fire.

It is in service of Tatsuma Suguro and the Myōō Dharani until Saburota Todo consumes it.

Powers and Abilities

Karura can control a powerful flame, can stimulate animal cell activity, and possesses a strong life force. As a Demon of Fire, it is strong against Rot, like Impure King,[1] and weak to Water, like Naiad.[2]

  • Karura Flame ( Karuraen):
  • Aeon Wave Flame ( Gouhaen):


  • Karura is the Japanese name for Garuda, a creature from Hindu-Buddhist mythology.
  • Fenghuang are Chinese mythological birds, also known as Chinese phoenixes.
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