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Kate Noelle "Katie" Holmes (born December 18, 1978) is an American actress who first achieved fame for her role as Joey Potter on The WB television teen drama Dawson's Creek from 1998 to 2003. In early 2005, Holmes began a highly publicized relationship with actor Tom Cruise. In June, two months after they first met, Holmes and Cruise were engaged. Their relationship made Holmes the subject of international media attention, much of it negative. On April 18, 2006, Holmes gave birth to their daughter, Suri. On November 18, 2006, she and Cruise married in Italy. In July of 2012 they separated pending their divorce in August of the same year.

Family Guy

In "Death Is a Bitch", she is seen in the news article that Death uses to assign Peter Griffin. She is later on the doomed plane with her Creek castmates.

Stewie Cruise reveals that he is in love with her in "Deep Throats".

She escapes from Tom Cruise when Stewie Griffin shuts off the power grid in "Lois Kills Stewie". She also frees his sex slaves and leaves Suri with Tom.

In "Peterotica", Carter Pewterschmidt played Joey Potter in a ripoff of Dawson's Creek called Quahog Creek. The ripoff also starred Peter as Dawson, directed by Brian Griffin, in an attempt to make Carter rich again.