Kazami 1

Kazami (カザミ, Kazami) is a shinobi from Kusagakureand a teammate of Muyami and Burami.


Kazami is very defensive of his comrades, as he was willing to start a fight with the Konoha genin after Neji Hyuga repelled Burami's sweat from their food, unintentionally knocking him off his feet. Kazami is a very determined man, showing his unwavering resolve in completing his mission and likewise is a strong supporter of teamwork. He is also comically supportive of his teammates, to the point that he sometimes waves his flag when they perform a technique or are in the midst of combat.


Kazami has black hair that is in a slicked back pompadour style. He has small dark-coloured eyes and thick black eyebrows. He wears a Kusagakure forehead protector and a unique outfit reminiscent of a yakuza member, which includes a pair of metal pauldrons. He also carries a some sort of flag-like weapon.

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