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Kea Moll
 was a Human female member of an anti-Imperial resistance cell on the Outer Rim planet Annoo during the early years of the Galactic Empire. Born on Annoo around 32 BBY, Moll followed her parents into the resistance at the age of fifteen after she witnessed the atrocities committed by the Empire on her homeworld and other planets. In 15 BBY, Moll's mother, Demma, sent her to the planet Ingoto destroy the Trigon One, a powerful weapons satellite under construction by the Fromm Gang criminal organization as part of a power play against their rival gangs. After she witnessed the kidnapping of Ingoian speeder racer Jord Dusat by the Fromm Gang, Moll helped Dusat's racing partner, Thall Joben, and the pair's droids, C-3PO and R2-D2, rescue Dusat from the secret base operated by gang leader Sise Fromm's son, Tig.

Moll agreed to transport her new friends to the Boonta Speeder Race, but a hyperdrive malfunction forced them to seek repairs on Annoo. After they learned of Moll's mission, Joben and Dusat agreed to help her. Moll, Joben and the droids hid aboard Sise Fromm's starship as it headed for Tig Fromm's base, from where they stole the Trigon One. The Fromms later captured Dusat and Demma Moll, and used them to force Joben to reveal where he had hidden the stolen starship. However, Joben had sabotaged the vessel; when Tig Fromm returned it to Annoo, the guidance systems malfunctioned, and it was sent on a collision course with Sise Fromm's stronghold. Moll and Joben rescued Dusat and Demma from the base moments before it was destroyed.

Despite the Fromm Gang's attempts to exact revenge, Moll and her friends finally reached the planet Boonta, where Joben raced to victory in the Boonta Speeder Race. His win attracted the attention of Zebulon Dak, owner of Zebulon Dak Speeder Corporation, who offered the group jobs in his organization. Unknown to her friends, Dak was himself a resistance operative and had recruited Moll to spy on manufacturing plants loyal to the Empire. Moll later joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic and, after the Alliance evolved into the New Republic, became a founding member of the New Republic Intelligence Service.

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