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In the alternate world's history, Kizashi Haruno became the Fourth Hokage instead of Minato Namikaze. During this time, the village was thrown into a great war and prior to his untimely death alongside his wife Mebuki Haruno(Genjutsu World) protecting the village, Kizashi gave his young daughter his necklace before departing, leaving the Sakura Haruno(Genjutsu World) of that dimension an orphan.


  • "Kizashi" can be translated as "sprouting" (萌し).
  • Mimicking the original timeline, tragedy that befell both Konoha's Fourth Hokage Minato and Kushina, Kizashi and his wife, despite having spent an unspecified amount of years of their life with their daughter, unlike Minato or Kushina, ultimately died during a battle.