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Kobra One was a Kobra leader.


One of Kobra's earliest crimes was a bank heist that was foiled by Batman. Kobra One escaped and questioned one of his agents suspected of tipping him off. Using a mind scanning device, Kobra One saw that the agent phoned his brother, the bank's depositor, who may have alerted Batman. Kobra One then had the agent executed by throwing him into a snake pit. Just then, a news report came on about Miguel Diaz, a boy who was saved by Batman from a burning building. On the report, Miguel said that he had seen Batman's true face, making him Kobra One's new target.

Kobra One successfully had Miguel kidnapped, and forced him to tell him what Batman looked like under the mask. He placed the mind scanning device on Miguel, who provided an image of Batman unmasked onscreen, pleasing Kobra One. When Batman arrived and took out the other Kobra agents, he subdued Kobra One, who only laughed. Batman's true face had already been provided, and has been sent to various Kobra agencies around the world. Believing he had won, Kobra One jumped into the snake pit. This act, however, proved meaningless, as the image Miguel provided was actually the face of his "Soldier Sam" action figure, making the information sent to the Korba agencies worth nothing.

Kobra One apparently survived somehow and returned later to unleash a deadly virus onto Gotham City. The plan was foiled by Stalker and Batman.


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