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He is the Grandson of the Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi, and uncle to Asuma Sarutobi.


Konohamaru participates in a meeting organized by Ebisu in Konoha of the remaining villagers, mostly including the children and wives. Ebisu attempts to rally everyone's’ spirits together in the event that rogue ninja should attack the village while their shinobi families are away at war, but the mothers scoff and claim that they will protect the village as they always have while their husbands fought.


  1. Clone Jutsu
  2. Fire Style: Burning Ash
  3. Giant Rasengan
  4. Rasengan
  5. Sexy Jutsu: Transform
  6. Shadow Clone Jutsu
  7. Substitution Jutsu
  8. Transformation Jutsu: Transform


According to Konohamaru he can throw the Rasengan with my hands but just barely. And to do it with your feet i don't know if it is possible. 


  1. The Situation is this: We Are trapped inside while the Enemy Can Come And Go As they Please.  Now that they have been Allowed to Infiltrate the Village we go to Stage 2 as outlined in the Sneak Attack Countermeasures Manual.  Before we can Counter Attack we must evacuate the Civilians. Your job is to round up everyone in the village and guide them calmly and swiftly to a safe place. This is your first A Ranked Mission.
  2. Anyone you see that is of Chuunin Rank or higher tell them to come to the main Power Station. The Village is at risk.
  3. Hauling Timbers