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Korin (カリン, Karin) is a supporting protagonist in the Dragon Ball manga and the anime Dragon Ball, who also assists in Dragon Ball Z and makes a brief appearance in Dragon Ball GT. He is a wise cat over 800 years old who lives atop a giant tower, and he is a martial arts master.

Power Level

Korin's power level is 190 according to an issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump. His power level is 1,700 in Dragon Ball Z: The Anime Adventure Game.

Techniques and special abilities

  • Afterimage Technique – Korin uses it, and even claims to be the inventor of this technique.
  • Korin's staff – Korin can shoot an invisible ki blast out of his staff.
  • Flight – Korin can fly with the use of ki, as seen when he is at Wukong Hospital after the battle against the Saiyans.
  • Lightning Bolts – Korin can call down thunder from the sky to stun those who attempt to climb the Korin Tower without following the rules. Korin uses this technique in Dragon Ball: Origins 2, at the end of the bonus level 5-7, when Goku tries to take Krillin and Yamcha with him at the top of the Korin Tower. This technique is similar to Rage Shenron's Dragon Thunderclap.
  • Mind Reading – Korin is shown to read Goku's mind when Goku first reaches the top of Korin Tower.  He also reads Krillin's mind during the Garlic Jr. Saga.
  • Far-Seeing Arts – Technique which allows those who live in the godly realms to see everything that happen in the lower realms.


  1. Master Roshi
  2. Goku Son
  3. Yajirobe

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