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He was the first person to become a Subsitute Soul Reaper in the Soul Society. 


  1. Bankai
  2. Fullbring 
  3. Superhuman Stamina: Fullbring puts a lot amount of pressure on your Flesh and Blood. In order to control it you need a crazy amount of Stamina. 
  4. The moment Fullbring is compleated someone has to take a risk in order to contain the massive explosion of energy that is produced by it. The Soul has been surprised is suddenly and violently released all at once in such a way that the user's body can't withstand it. 
  5. When your Fullbring was finally compleat you should see me glowing as a Spiritual Being. Even with your vision destroyed. 
  6. Use your pride to bring out your Fullbring. 
  7. You must learn to access your Fullbring through your will. 
  8. You must be forced into physical, and mental extreams in order to awaken this power. 


  1. Fight Kugo
  1. Do 14 sets of 100 Push Ups.

Training Episodes

  1. Changing History, Unchanging Heart