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Kurozuka (クロヅカ, Kurozuka) was an Anbu and one of the last remaining members of the Land of Woods' Prajñā Group.


Kurozuka was loyal to his comrades, fearlessly attacking high-ranking shinobi as an act of revenge. In the anime, he also refused to answer any questions from Danzo Shimura, ordering him to kill him instead.[2]


Kurozuka had short brown hair and wore the standard attire of the shinobi from his country: a high-collared flak jacket and a white demon-like mask with three prominent horns and an open mouth to conceal his identity.


As an Anbu, Kurozuka was probably a very skilled shinobi. He was also confident in close-range combat, as seen when he charged at Danzō and his escorts head on.

Part II

Kurozuka was part of the initial attack launched against Danzō Shimura to avenge the destruction of their group, but Danzō easily cut them down. Lying vulnerably in front of Danzō, he refused to answer his questions and was killed by him by one of his comrades' swords. Danzō then used Kurozuka's body to block the second wave of attacks and to find out his enemies positions, ultimately killing them all.