The Calculator is a hi-tech supervillain known to have crossed paths with Batman. He wears an eyepiece outfitted with a scanner and a palm top computer on one of his wrists. He was ater recruited to the League of Shadows by Talia al Ghul. The Calculator was present for the interrogation of Chuckie Sol, one of Black Mask's Made Men, pertaining to details of an incoming weapons shipment. When Batwoman and Batman arrived, Calculator did not engage in combat with them. Over two weeks later, he was part of the team that raided Wayne Tech. After they were granted access to a secret vault on sub-level three, Calculator was enamoured by all the technology created for Batman. He wanted to get a fleet of trucks to steal it all but he stayed on task on went to a wall that concealed a series of drawers. He scanned around and opened one specific drawer and took the case inside it. Lucius Fox managed to send a security breach alert to the Batmobile. Batman (Dick Grayson) and Robin soon confronted Heretic's gang. Calculator pulled a gun but Robin knocked it out of his hand with a Birdarang then jump kicked him. He managed to retreat to the transport with the stolen case.

Back at the convent, Calculator continued to assist Mad Hatter with programming Bruce Wayne. Once the convent was assaulted by Batman, Batwoman, and Batwing, Talia ordered a retreat. Mad Hatter and Calculator packed their tech stations and left the convent with her and Tusk. A week later, the League infiltrated the World Tech Summit. Mad Hatter, Tusk, and Calculator took the security office and set up their tech stations. As Wayne's keynote speech winded down, Calculator activated the power boost then began brainwave synchronization. Mad Hatter started programming everyone in attendance. Alfred Pennyworth took a handgun and made his way to security. He ordered Calculator to turn off the machines. Calculator pretended to comply then took a swing and disarmed him. Pennyworth responded with a roundhouse kick. Calculator pulled a knife. Pennyworth took up a boxing stance and uppercutted him into a series of electrical panels. Calculator was electrocuted and the resulting power surge arced through his eyepiece then overloaded Mad Hatter's station, resulting in his head imploding.

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