Ky Narec was a male human Jedi Knight who served as Asajj Ventress's Jedi Master before his death. He was killed during a battle with Weequay raiders, causing Asajj great distress and starting her on her path to the dark side.


A human male, Ky Narec became a member of the Jedi Order some time before the galactic conflict known as the Clone Wars broke out.[1] After becoming a Jedi Knight, Narec became stranded on the planet Rattatak[2] and, during one encounter with Weequay raiders, witnessed a young Force-sensitive Dathomirian girl named Asajj Ventress use the Force to throw one of the raiders. Narec took Ventress under his wing and trained her in the ways of the Jedi.[1]The two Jedi, now Master and apprentice, remained on Rattatak for the next ten years, aiding its people and being regarded as heroes by most.[2] During another attack by Weequay raiders, Narec was shot in the back with a sniper rifle and died in Ventress's arms. Enraged by her Master's death, Ventress took Narec's lightsaber and struck down the sniper in a fit of rage, becoming the first step in her path to the dark side.[1]

Behind the scenes

Ky Narec's first appearance in canon was in a flashback in the twelfth episode of the third season of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series, "Nightsisters."[1] He was later mentioned with slightly more information given about him in the novel Dark Disciple, which was adapted from eight unaired episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.[2] Narec's first appearance in any piece of Star Wars media was in the Legends comic Republic 60: Hate and Fear, in which he appeared in a flashback.[3]


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