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Milk Money is a hentai series featuring a woman named Kyouko who, to relieve herself of the pain of her unsuckled milk, takes a job as a wet nurse, but is quickly fired when it's found out that she has gotten a bit too close to one of her clients. Years later, she meets with her old client, Touji. Again Kyouko finds a sexual attraction with Touji, while at the same time the wet nurse's daughter Marika would like to be in an involved relationship as Kyouko.

This hentai anime mainly features Kyouko and Touji having sexual intercourse and Touji sucking Kyouko's large breasts, which islactation fetishism. When Kyouko considers that Touji has "betrayed" his nanny by having sex with her daughter, she brutally whips him and they have sex again. Kyouko later murders her daughter, saying, "Touji is mine", which leads to another torture session and intercourse.

In the end, she also tortures and kills Touji, but Touji holds no grudge, saying that behind everything she did, he felt an "Absolute Love". It then views in a small purgatory-like area where Marika and another client of Kyouko are all found. Later Touji later joins them after he is killed. At the end of the series, when the police ask Kyouko if she has seen Touji, she replies no. Later when the police find evidence in Kyouko's backyard, the police tell her that they have a question for her, and the scene fades out with Kyouko holding a knife behind her back and saying, "What could that be?...",