Grand fire

This was a plot to take over Japan by Makoto Shishio.


It was an incident at an inn called the Ikedaya. The more radical imperialists gathered there to plan the assassination of key men in the government and various clans, but the plan was never executed because they were assaulted by the Shinsengumi. The plan was this 500 Soldiers would set fires at the same time turning Kyoto into a burning field and killing off all the targeted key men during the chaos of the fire.


  1. Anji Yūkyūzan vs. Sanosuke Sagara
  2. Sojiro Seta vs. Kenshin Himura
  3. Fuji vs. Seijuro Hiko XIII
  4. Makoto Shishio vs. Kenshin Himura


  1. The Death of Makoto Shishio
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