Leaf Dragon God

Dragon god.png

This is the ultimate taijutsu technique created by the legendary taijutsu Master Chen. It appears to be initiated by an upward spin kick at which point it quickly becomes a tornado. Forming into a dragon with long whiskers, it attacks the target aiming to swallow them, at which point they are cut by the razor sharp winds inside the attack. After initiating the attack, the user appears to remain shielded within the base of the tornado as the outward surface of the dragon seems to be solid enough for a person to impact and rebound off of, making the only way to enter the technique once it has been initiated is by being swallowed.

However, there is one distinct weakness to the technique. Since the Dragon God's true form is that of an ordinary tornado, its attack power is based on rotation. If one enters the attack's centre (Dragon's Eye) while rotating at high speed, such as Rock Lee's One-Man Front Lotus, it can be dispersed without inflicting damage.

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