Lena is a high-ranking Exorcist of the Jakarta Branch of the Holy Cross Order.


Lena was brought in from Jakarta in order to provide extra security for the festival in the city. Whilst Renzo Shima stood idolizing her, a group of M.O.L.B.s attacked their team, prompting Lena to summon her familiars and quickly destroy one. Distracted, theExwires ended up covered in slime.

Later, when more powerful Demons begin to infiltrate the city, Lena is seen holding them off with her team, demanding to know what is happening with Head Quarters.


Lena was brought in alongside Cheng-Long Liu as security for the festival, while she was not put on the barrier team, she did lead the Anti-Demon actions, implying that her skills at least were more valuable there than in erecting the new defenses. The fact that Renzo Shima knew of her may imply she has some form of reputation.

Tamer (手騎士, テイマー, Teimā): Lena's primary form of combat appears to be as a Tamer, using numerous Stick Bug familiars in order to swarm and destroy her enemies quickly.

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