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Lex Luthor appeared in the fifth season of The Batman, with Clancy Brown reprised his role from the DC animated universe. Luthor hires Metallo and equips him with Luthor's only piece of Kryptonite to defeat Superman, but is defeated by Batman. As Lex Luthor leaves for Gotham with his right-hand assistant Mercy Graves, Luthor hires Black Mask and Clayface (Basil Karlo) to kidnap Lois Lane and bring her to Gotham as part of a diversion for Superman. While Superman, Batman, and Robin fight Black Mask and his henchmen while assisted by Bane, Mr. Freeze, and Clayface, Luthor captures Poison Ivy and mixes her mind-controlling spores with the Kryptonite dust he already had. He uses it to make Superman his personal slave. It is revealed also that Luthor had previously confiscated technology from the remains of the Joining (based on Brainiac) to create an army of robots to take over the world, obstentially in order to protect it from future alien threats by interfacing with weaponry of Earth to create a global army under a his control. However, after Batman frees Superman from his control, both of them subdue Mercy Graves, destroy Luthor's robots, overpower Luthor and defeat him.

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