The Leader of the Legion of Doom.


Now is the hour we set into motion cataclysmic change to the planet. The legion of doom shall rule in a new world order. No one can stop us. I thought we were melting the polar ice caps. No, my dear cheetah, the exact opposite. As those glaciers swell, the world's water level shrinks expanding the coastlines of every continent.

It says here his body was found in the year 2856 during the big thaw of the second warming. The sign says not to get too close to the exhibits.

Time Travel

We were lost without you, Lex Luthor. I was lost. Lost and afraid. As you all should be. But your presence in this room is a sign of your undying loyalty to your leader. Which is more than I can say for Black Manta or Gorilla Grodd and Captain Cold. They're the most pathetic of all. Too scared to even show up. Yes, yes, yes. It was the recklessness of captain cold that caused your near demise.

Time Trapper, I now command you to open a portal to a certain cornfield in Smallville, Kansas, some years ago. Time trapper: As the sands of time run thy will shall be done legion of doom, you will go into the past and keep the baby Kal-El from ever falling into the hands of those sickeningly sweet rubes, Martha and Jonathan Kent.

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