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Limax are aliens that tried to infiltrate Vera Tennyson's retirement community.


Limax are semi-humanoid blobs, mostly green in color with dirty pink colored organs. They have multiple eyes and they are shown to have no definite appearance, often having extra arms, fin-like protrusions or misshapen body parts.


Limax like to eat humans in order to survive, especially elderly humans, saying children are too chewy and need to age more to become "nice and tender."

Powers and Abilities

Limax are able to shift into any form, including humans, at will. They may alter this form even while retaining a human-like appearance, giving them enhanced flexibility and the ability to stretch their limbs great distances.

Limax are very strong and capable of lifting and throwing heavy objects with ease.

Limax are able to run and keep pace with a golf cart at its maximum speed.

Limax are fairly agile and can cling to walls and ceilings with relative ease.

Limax gain strength from heat, as shown when they are attacked by Heatblast. This is the reason they decided to attack a retirement area in a desert during the summer.

Limax can regenerate and in doing so (sometimes), they create a much larger version of themselves. They can also combine themselves together to make a giant Limax.


Limaxes are deathly afraid of water, as it is like acid to them and causes them to smolder and melt, though they can still recover unless repeatedly doused in it.

Notable Limax

  • Unknown (the Omnitrix' DNA Sample of a Limax)


Ben 10

  • Permanent Retirement (first appearance)


Limax is a genus of slugs.


  • In the Ben 10 pop-up ion of Ben 10,000, it was said that Max had lost his arm in the "Limax Wars of 2017." However, that had taken place in the future.
  • Limax are mentioned in Ben's dream in Perfect Day, when Lt. Steel tries to convince him that his grandpaand cousin have been replaced by them.
  • Although they are vulnerable to water, Limax are able to eat certain animals despite the water they contain, such as houseflies. They also planned to eat humans, which contain a significant amount of water, and no indication was made that they planned to dehydrate them in any way.