Real Identity: Lobo

Appearances: Follow That Space Cab!

Powers/Skills: Survival in Space, Enhanced Strength, Invulnerability, Tracking, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat

Voiced By: John DiMaggio

Lobo is one of the most hated and feared intergalactic bounty hunters in the galaxy. He is infamous for never giving up on a bounty and playing by his own rules. Lobo worked with fellow hunter Jonas in the pursuit of Mister Mind, who had a bounty placed on him by Boss Kack. Lobo used his Red Sun Energy Blaster to take out Superman, Mind's custodian, with one hit. They ended up in the back seat of a Space Cab. Lobo offered to cut Cabbie in on the reward but he declined. As Lobo and Jonas pulled their guns, Cabbie hit the brake and they blasted each other. Not content with being made a chump of, Lobo tossed a Negative Ion Grenade at the Space Cab and disabled its power core. Lobo wasn't planning on sharing the reward and launched an electrified net at Jonas. Lobo set Jonas on his intergalacticycle and sent him packing. Hawkman arrived and knocked Lobo off his Spacehog. Lobo was keen to fight dirty and lured Hawkman to an Abandoned Anthracite Mine where he ambushed him. Superman recharged himself off a nearby yellow sun and saved Hawkman from certain death. The battle continued. Both Lobo and Superman ended up crashing into the hood of the Space Cab.

Lobo grabbed Mister Mind but was forced to drop him in order to have a free hand to shoot. He ended up backing up onto Mind and squashing him in half. Lobo was content with taking the top half to Boss Kack and tossed the lower half to Superman, joking he meant it when he'd split the reward. Lobo whistled for Spacehog and took off. Lobo was unaware of Mind's ability to regenerate until Boss Kack informed him and sent his floating drones after him.

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