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Lucy is a character who appeared in the episode "Ricksy Business", serving as the main antagonist. She worked as a maid on the Titanic 2. While coming off as a sweet lady, she eventually becomes obsessed with Jerry; forcing him to have sex with her at gunpoint.


Lucy is first encountered by Jerry and Beth when they board the Titanic 2. Beth's lack of interest in the attractions on the boat leads to her pairing Lucy off with Jerry. Lucy reveals that she's a huge Titantic fan, and has never experienced the boat proper. Jerry proceeds to show her a good time, but she quickly grows too attached. With Beth showing little interest in Jerry, Lucy begins to take bigger and bigger advances towards Jerry, eventually leading to a forced seduction. She strips naked and asks Jerry to draw her, before attempting to have sex with him in a prop car.

Beth appears and knocks Lucy out with a book. However, Lucy attempts to attach herself to the underside of the Smith car on their way out. She gets knocked off and is run over, leaving her severely injured. Unless she got prompt medical attention, it is unlikely she survived.


  • Her assumed death is a reference to the underside car scene in Cape Fear.