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Luna is a single appearing character. She appears in the episode "Attack of the Killer Kung-Fu Wolf Bitch". As a child, Luna grew up with a father who was abusive to her mother, and had multiple horrible relationships with abusive men throughout her adult life. Her best friend, Nicole (who never appears on-screen), constantly feeds the already emotionally unstable Luna bad advice, such as telling her the men are completely at fault and that they should be severely punished, even killed.


Robert had met Luna through MySpace, and during dinner at the Freeman's house, she reveals that she owns fifteen wolves, is martial arts master proficient in White Lotus Kung-Fu, and has (perhaps regularly) competed in a deadly tournament known as the Kumite. All of these factors, plus the fact that she beat upHuey in a "friendly sparring match", cause Robert to be put-off by her, so he makes up an elaborate lie to get her to leave. After talking to Nicole on her Bluetooth and realizing that she's been lied to, Luna (quite literally) turns herself around to spy on Robert. Upon hearing Robert call her crazy, Luna snaps and follows Nicole's advice to torture him, while taking Riley and Huey hostage. After talking to Robert and Tom (who unluckily showed up to check on the Freemans) about her experiences with men, Luna finally breaks down, crying about how she will never get married, and even contemplates suicide by blowing herself up with a grenade. Robert and Tom desperately persuade her otherwise (as they would be killed by the grenade as well), and thus Luna decides to take charge of her own life and stop letting boyfriends abuse her. However, Nicole gives her even more bad advice, which leads Luna to become so upset that she detonates the grenade in her car, and dies. Though Robert blames Luna for committing suicide, he last expressed he hoped peace for her poor crazy soul. She is voiced by Aisha Tyler.

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