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Mad Mod is an enemy of the Teen Titans who made his series debut in the comic Party Party, and his episode debut in the season 2 episode Salty Codgers.


Mad Mod is an elderly man from England with a selfish desire for power. In order to obtain that power, he must first make himself younger. To regain his youth, he uses his specially designed cane to steal the youth of people all over Jump City. From innocent teenagers to small children, Mod has no limits.

One day, after being taunted of by a group of teenagers, an enraged Mad Mod went on a youth-stealing spree across Jump City. His insane attack attracted the attention of his longtime nemeses, the Teen Titans. Mad Mod attempts to escape the battle through a portal, but the heroes follow him. After a lengthy chase in a strange British Parallel Dimension, Mad Mod, the Titans, a giant tea cup and a giant stone foot are transported back into the real world. The tea cup land on the Titans, smashing everyone except Raven. Despite the Titans' desperate pleas and begs, Raven gives Mod the upper hand by passing his cane to him. Mod steals the youth from the trapped Titans, then escapes the scene of the crime quite pleased and witful.


Mad Mod is a tall English man who has flaming red hair, glasses and white crooked teeth holding aging cane complemented by his big shining crimson ruby on top. He wears and England flag shirt with white pants.

As his older self, he is much more aged and crippled with wrinkles and snowy white hair.

Power and Abilities

  • Genius Inventor
    • Hypnotism
    • Time Travel
    • Age Regression


Season 2

  • Salty Codgers (episode debut)

Season 3

  • Black Friday (cameo)


  • Party Party (debut, cameo)
  • Royal Pains (speaking cameo)


  • He is one of the few villains to successfully defeat the Titans.
  • He is the twenty-second villain from the original series to appear.
  • He is the fourth villain to debut in the comic series before appearing in a episode.
  • In the original series, he was voiced by Malcolm McDowell, but in the video game, he was voiced by Greg Ellis.