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Magna Swing 「マグナ・スウィング Maguna Suwingu」 is a member of the Black Bull squad.[2] He is from Rayaka, a village within the Clover Kingdom.[3]


  • Enhanced Reflexes: Magna has been shown to possess above average reflexes. This feat can be seen when he quickly takes actions once he sees that the villagers of Sosshi are about to be executed.[71]
  • Enhanced Stamina: Magna possesses above average stamina, as he is still able to use his magic multiple times, despite being exhausted after traveling while carrying both Asta and Noelle.[72][73]


  • Grimoire: Magna wields a grimoire that he used with his fire magic. The grimoire has a black cover with a skull ornament in the center of its front cover and solid line borders with a fire insignia at each of the corners of the covers. A red clover can also be seen in the right eye of the skull design. [74]
  • Crazy Cyclone: Magna possesses a broom with a bull's skull as its front set and a spine and ribs as its frame.[75]