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Mai is as pretty as she is dangerous...and that's pretty dangerous because she's one of the top duelists in the world. Posh and sophisticated, Mai is not above using her charm to advance her situation. As the story progresses, she learns from Yugi's and Joey's examples.


  • Mai and Serenity are also targets for this trope. The abridged series loves pointing out that Mai has large breasts, mostly in the original anime, and Joey and other characters state this multiple times. When Tristan's soul in trapped within the robot monkey, he snuggles against Serenity's chest... and she's his best friend's little sister!
  • Mai Kujaku/Valentine in Yu-Gi-Oh!: doesn't really seem to want to get married (one of her duels actually was against her "fiancée", the actor Jean-Paul), as her tastes may point to younger men, AKA Jonouchi/Joey (despite Word of God from Takahashi himself) or possibly Valon. This would explain what an adult woman is doing on an island playing children card games with children. (She's not the only adult, but most of the people are children.) Then again, card games are a Serious Business, and she does state that she just wants the outrageously large prize money.
    • Though there was no (explicit) prize money in the Battle City tournament... hmm....
    • She could have done it for the rare cards.
    • Mai is actually 24 years old, so she technically has not reached Christmas cake status yet. Not that it would matter to most fans anyway considering how good she looks.
    • Yu-Gi-Oh!: Deconstructed in the episode "Lights, Camera, Duel". A famous actor named Jean Claude Van Magnum who proposed to Mai previously wants to challenge Mai to a duel monsters game for her hand in marriage if he wins. Mai isn't interested in marrying him in the slightest, and only agreed to the duel because she wanted to prove she's not a prize to be won. She wouldn't have agreed to marry him even if he won. At end of the episode when Jean loses it turns out he's a sore loser and tries to capture her to force her to marry him anyway, but his plan fails after almost getting Mai seriously hurt.

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Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Jean-Claude Magnum 80 Win (flashback)
Rex Raptor 3 Win
Striped sweater Duelist 6 Win
Joey Wheeler 6 Lose
Unknown Duelist 11 Win
Panik 14 Lose
Tea Gardner 25 Lose
Yugi Muto/Yami Yugi 29-30 Lose
Joey Wheeler 44 No result
Jean-Claude Magnum 80 Win
Yami Marik 90-92 Lose
2 Unknown Duelists 152 Win (flashback)
Valon 152 Lose (flashback)
Maximillion Pegasus 151 Win (flashback)
Joey Wheeler 151-154 No result
Joey Wheeler 172-173 Win
Rafael 174 Lose (flashback)
Para and Dox 224 Not shown (with Vivian Wong)



Red-Eyes Black Dragon
Dark Witch
Dunames Dark Witch
Sky Scout x2
Queen's Knight x2
Baby Dragon
Harpie's Pet Dragon
Harpie Lady Sisters
Cyber Harpie Lady x3
Amazoness Swords Woman
Amazoness Chain Master
Amazoness Fighter
Wall of Illusion
Morphing Jar
Time Wizard
Triangle Ecstasy Spark
Harpie's Feather Duster
Spell Reproduction
Dark Hole
Amazoness Spellcaster
Monster Reborn
Mirror Knight Token
Elegant Egotist x3
100000294 (error)
Cyber Shield x2
The Seal of Orichalcos
Harpies' Hunting Ground
Mirror Force
Amazoness Archers
Dramatic Rescue
Harpie Lady Sparrow Formation
Gravity Bind
Seven Tools of the Bandit
Trap Jammer
Harpie's Feather Storm

     Thousand Dragon
Number 39: Utopia

Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon
Harpies' Hunting Ground
Gryphon Wing