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Mandy Worm is a hybrid resulting from a cross between the current Mandy and a worm. It is a remarkable parody of Leto Atreides II.

Mandy Worm is from a futuristic alternate reality in the series The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy. She is an insectoid creature half woman half worm demon with bloody red eyes and dark blond hair that loose a trail of disgusting slime wherever it goes (probably as hybridization results). She wears a dark layer turtleneck held by a big "M" (actually it isn't known if she wears on her worm back a layer or those are two insectoid arms, for that reason there are various artistic interpretations). She lives in a dark futuristic castle in his time ruled by her with an iron fist and also has an excellent grasp of science and manipulation. Like current Mandy she is emotionless and never smiles, but we can see a smiling design about her in Mandy's investigations planes.

On one summer day, Billy, Mandy, Grim and Irwin decide to look into the future for fun because they are hot and bored. Soon Billy, Grim and Irwin will regret having done so because in the future Mandy rules the world in the dark form of an immortal hybrid half human half worm demon, leads an army of current Mandy-resembling robots and creates mutants for combat resistance. Grim is still his "best friend" but also his right-hand and she has created a complex line Billy's clones. Mandy tells one of that "Billies" that, in the past, she discovered in their research that combining his DNA with a worm she would be immortal. Mandy's source of power is cinnamon and she has enslaved humanity to extract it of her mines. She lies to Billy about cinnamon's only weakness saying it is the frogs. Grim leads Billy into the team of resistance against Mandy, and Billy tells them about the frogs, leading them to attack her with them and getting arrested by Mandy. Mandy sentences Grim to the worst of his systems torture for treason and winks devilishly knowing that current Mandy is seeing her.

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