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Paul Kirk was a big game hunter and a close friend of Thomas Wayne. In reality, Kirk often used his safari expeditions as a cover for his work as a government operative codenamed Manhunter. While on a mission behind enemy lines, Manhunter was wounded and left for dead by ninja. A cover story was passed around that Kirk died on safari. A secret society called the Council found Manhunter and its leader Dr. Mykros decided his skills as a tracker and fighter should be exploited. Manhunter spent the next 20 years in suspended animation while the Council used a modified version of his DNA to create an army of mindless and inorganic soldiers to overthrow the world's governments.

In the present, a genetic researcher working for the Council named Dr. Horace Spangle learned the organization's plan for global domination. He freed Manhunter and they came up with a plan. Manhunter was concerned Mykros would kidnap his daughter Ava Kirk to force him to surrender. Spangle elected to seek Bruce Wayne's help to protect her, while Manhunter tracked down his clones and eliminated them with an anti-clone toxin that vaporized them upon contact. From afar, Manhunter shot and destroyed clones that tried to kidnap her. While following up on a lead on Spangle, Batman and Katana realized Manhunter was Paul Kirk. Kirk explained what happened to him. Mykros spoke through a clone and issued an ultimatum - come to the Gotham Bridge at dawn and trade himself for his daughter. It was a trap but Kirk had no choice. Batman gased Manhunter and took him to the Batcave. Once Manhunter came to, they went over a plan and generated more anti-clone toxin.

At dawn, Manhunter met Mykros on the Gotham Bridge. At the right time, he gave the signal to the others by hugging his daughter. Mykros anticipated this and more clones arrived. He strapped bombs to Ava Kirk and forced Manhunter to surrender. He did but a hacked clone went in his place. The clone forced Mykros to crash before he could trigger the bombs. Manhunter bid his daughter farewell and left Gotham with Spangle to make sure every one of his clones was destroyed. Batman vowed Ava Kirk would be under his protection.