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Mannish Boy (マニッシュ・ボーイ Manisshu Bōi) is a minor antagonist featured in Stardust Crusaders.

Mannish Boy is an evil genius baby and Stand user in DIO's service. He tries to murder the Joestar Group inside the nightmare-world of his Death Thirteen.


Mannish Boy's Stand is Death Thirteen, a clown-like Stand which can pull the consciousness of its sleeping victims into a dream-world where it has absolute control and where they cannot summon their Stands, then murder them with impunity.

Precociousness: Demonstrating physical skill also unusual for his age, Mannish Boy is dextrous enough to kill a scorpion with a safety pin. Moreover, he is unusually intelligent for his age, as he's able to speak and have coherent thoughts, despite being only a baby.

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