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Marina (Japanese: マリナ Marina) is a Trainer and Coordinator from New Bark Town and one of the main characters of The Legend of Thunder!.


  1. Feraligatr
  2. Misdreavus
  3. Jigglypuff


  • In EP 117 The dub implies that the Trainer that Totodile will receive is female, whereas the Japanese version doesn't state the gender of the Trainer picking up Totodile. Interestingly, later in the anime a female Trainer named Marina is seen with a Totodile she received from Professor Elm.
  • When Jackson (Vincent) appeared in the Silver Conference, he referred Marina and Jimmy as "Dani" and "Yoshi", leading many to believe that "Dani" was the official English name for Marina. Whether this was the original intention remains unknown. However, in The Legend of Thunder!, she is instead identified as Marina.
  • Even though the specifics of being a Pokémon Idol are never made clear in the anime, a Trainer class introduced in Generation IV is known as Pokémon Idols. One of them, after battle, states "A Pokémon idol follows their fans, while a Trainer follows their Pokémon".
  • All of Marina's known Pokémon have only been revealed to know two moves.


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